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WTF is this nonsense?


Son of Liberty
So I'm always hearing about the Wii being a garbage console and how next to no body uses it. Real gamers use a 360 or a PS3... maybe even a PC. However, Yahoo News is always touting the Wii. What is up with that?

I was just reading this article about the Top Sellers of 2010, the list (because nobody gives a damn about the article itself in reality) goes like this;

10 - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (wii)
9 - Just Dance (wii)
8 - Modern Warfare 2 (360)
7 - Pokemon heart gold (DS)
6 - Wii Sports Resort (wii)
5 - Wii fit plus (wii)
4 - God of War III (ps3)
3 - Red Dead Redemption (360)
2 - Pokemon Soul Silver (DS)
1 - Super Mario Bros Wii (wii)

Top Sellers of 2010 So Far - Top Sellers of 2010 So Far - Yahoo! Games
Half of the games on that list are Wii, 100% of that half I have not played, have never heard of anyone playing, and simply never had any interest in playing or buying. The other half is 2 DS games, and 2 cross console games that yahoo lumped into one console category, and one PS3 exclusive.

I'm just having a very very difficult time believing that Pokemon on the DS has outsold games like Red Dead Redemption and God of War. Am I wrong? Misguided or something? WTF is this nonsense?
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Do What Thou Wilt

That is a crock of shit. Wii sucks massive donkey balls. The only people I know who have Wii are really crappy gamers (some idiots who are convinced Wii is the greatest thing since the Gamecube :lol:), and some 5 year old cousins. All of those games are crap. Whiny little 5 year olds don't/shouldn't outsell people with counsels. Their are more counsels out their than Wii, so why are Wii games outselling them? Yahoo needs to site some sources......


Living on the 0th floor
This list doesn't surprise me.. Pokemon has a huge following, granted I have never played it so I don't understand the huge following, but people LOVE it.

I love my Wii.. I think Mario Galaxy is definitely one of my top favorite games.. Granted I grew up on Mario like most everyone, but I still follow him even if it is on a console that seems so Kid Oriented. I don't think you have to be a crap gamer to own or play a wii.. I look at is as gaming to go to when I want to relax or want time away from shooters and what not.

I've also never heard people saying it is such a garbage system either... That sounds like people who don't like that it took a turn from the normal type of game play with standard controllers and allowing for a larger variety of games.

No, I wouldn't throw away my other consoles or my PC games to strictly play the wii... But it is still a really good system.


Formerly "Maikeru"
Lol icegoat, thats the way of the industry =p

Pokemon is a giant, years head or RDR, Pokemon is a franchise that has sold more than 100 million games, 189 millions to be precise.

The Wii is the best selling home console this generation and The DS is the overall best seller, so their games will always some on top.

God of War is only famous in the USA, outside is just as good as anything.

So you have an idea Dragon quest IX in japan alone sold more than GoW worldwise.

Wii fit sold 35 millions, wii sports sold 65 millions, Nintendogs for the DS sold 23 millions, and so forth.

RDR sold 5.2 millions, GoW3 sold 2.8 millions.

The wii is a great console (it had the best press conference of this years E3) and its great for casuals and hardcore gamers.


It's not me, it's you.
Well, the wii doesn't surprise me...but I think it's more of a casual gamer type console.

Just look at the age groups that it hits...

I mean, I have a terrible time trying to find games age appropriate for the 360 for my younger siblings. My religious dad does not like for me to chainsaw locusts and shoot zombies in the dick in front of them. I can't imagine why.

And then you have the older generation who plays on the wii with their children as a family thing (wii has been amping up family togetherness) and the wii is interactive and has exercising tools.

While I agree that hardcore gamers usually go for the 360 or the PS3...this list doesn't surprise me at all.


Son of Liberty
I think its just funny though to me to see the disparity in alot of these games. The ones that seem to have fantastic ratings and SHOULD be the top sellers... but they are getting beat out by Wii Fit? WTF?


Living on the 0th floor
Of course they are getting beat out by wii fit. They made the perfect game: it appeals to the overweight population, it appeals to women, people think it is going to be a super fun way to exercise, and people will buy into anything that could possibly equal weight loss.

Who am I kidding though, I have Wii Fit. >.< I wouldn't consider it a great work out, but it is fun LOL.


Perfect example of stupid shit selling well.

I've had a Wii, it was fun, but compared to the PS3 or even the 360.... it is AWFUL.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I don't find it suprising, nintendo have created a whole new audience with the Wii and DS. They went after the gamers who never thought they would be gamers. It's clever marketing, what's better than fighting over a share of Sony and microsofts fan base when you can split them as well as add a whole new fan base to it.

Pokemon and mario are franchise giants so no suprises there either. I can understand why "hard core" gamers look down on the wii because it appeals to the non elite or common game folk :lol: but it does have some decent games. The mario Galaxy games are some of the better platformers to be released in the last 5 years.


Registered Member
I personally like the wii xD. HOWEVER, it is something that you have to be in an energetic mood to play.
So much easier to just go on COD to be honest.

And yeah, the wii seems to be a hit with the younger kids around 6/7