Wtf Chain Letters


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Alright, someone explain this to me:

Who the hell was it that decided to send out an email that said "Send this message/photo/whatever to a billion of your friends, or you will die a horrible, painful, lonely death and watch everything and everyone you love burn in hell!"!?

Seriously, it's not like you become famous or something if your message is circulated a million times --> So wtf is the point?? Apart from annoying the hell out of me, of course...

(although, it's not half as annoying as the fact that there's actually people out there that LISTEN to these retarded things, "just in case"...) :urp:


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My favorite is "this is true! don't delete it! you'll get paid $2,456 for every person you send this too! My friend did it and she's now a billionaire!".
I like the ones that are like "ZOMG IF YOU DONT PASS THIS ON, THE BLARE WITCH IT GONNA EAT YOU AT 3 AM!!!11one1"

Edit: There is no point.
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I have pity for those people that believe those e-mails. I also pity those people who create those e-mails for the soul purpose of wasting time and spamming!


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I have came to the following conclusion on where they came from or how they orginated.

Once upon a time when there was no such thing as email and people actually used to use the postal service to mail letters, there were the trolls of the mail bag. These trolls or idiots decided they would write you a letter that was along the same lines "if you don't mail this to 10 people within X amount of hours satan would sneak in your bedroom at night and dry hump you in your sleep for the rest of your life." or some other bad thing. Unfortunatly the idiots did not practice safe sex and bred.
Then one day this dood named Al Gore invented the internet and email was born. Now the idiots who had bred new chain mail idiots had grand idiots who started to send this garbage through the email and it has grown into one paranoid spamming emailer world where everyday more idiots are born and send them out.

Personally I would like to find some of those idiots and personally kick the everloving hell out of them.

I hope this helped answer your question a little better.


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Somebody with a pathetic excuse for a life who decided that tormenting other people would be something they could get off on.