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This is a three part question. Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil? Do you write in cursive or print? Do you have a good hand writing or not?


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In all honesty, I've never met a single person who writes in cursive and that was my major so I was surrounded by a lot of English majors.


Sally Twit
I prefer writing in pen.
I have no idea what "cursive" is so I'll go with print. Do you mean joined up?
My handwriting is not neat. It's easy to read but it's not neat.
If I write in pen and cursive then my handwriting can get pretty messy, but I usually only do that when I'm writing fast.

No preference over pen or pencil, depends what it is I'm writing, but mostly I write in print. I suppose I can make it neat if I try.

But really, I haven't written anything properly in ages.


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I prefer to WRITE in pen. I draw in pencil...

I write in cursive all the time, unless writing something for a class in which case it's typed or written in print so it's easier to read. But my handwriting is prettier in cursive.

I think I have pretty handwriting... :D And legible. So yes. I'd say my handwriting is good.


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Pen, cursive and probably no, seeing as how people have difficulty reading it.

I hate pencils, they give me goose bumps :sick:


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I like to write with a pen and I write in print. My handwriting is pretty bad and sometimes hard to read lol. If I take my time I can write ok but it would take forever :S


Sultan of Swat
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I also enjoy writing in pencil, I usually print but can write in cursive if I need to. My hand writing is up and down if I rush it it's horrible but if I take my time it can be really nice.