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Writing Prompt


blue 3
I know I have to do these every day for a writing course I'm taking, but I was wondering if everyone would be interested in a contest of sorts.

Anyways; someone (the judge or whomever) would think of a word or saying; and then each person who entered would write a short story/narrative/poem (whatever) using that word as the focus.

So example:

Writing Prompt is Society

Entrant A writes poem about how unfair society is.
Entrant B writes a story about the next matrix.
Entrant C writes a story about a man who takes over the world.
Entrant D writes a poem about education.

You get the idea. Just wondering if people would be interested in it. It's a great practice for writers, and I thought it'd be pretty interesting to see where people go with this.


What? You can't respond to the writing prompt with an essay? It really just depends on what the writing prompt is, but if I get an idea I'd go for it.


blue 3
An essay is fine to. Really any form of writing you want to use is ok. I was just giving examples.