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Writing Prompt #5: Cliches galore!


Problematic Shitlord
This is my favorite prompt, use as many cliches as you can! Flush them out of your system and have some fun!

(I wrote this piece already, I wanted to share it!)


Of all the knights in the castle city of West Havenswoodshire’el, Sir Maximus Ramwell was the grandest of them all. As the prophecy of the elders had foretold, Sir Ramwell grew from a strapping young lad to a valiant and powerful warrior, crushing dragons with his fists and snapping ogres’ necks with his elbows. His sword had tasted the blood of hundreds of goblins and drank deep the veins of demons who threatened his homeland. Ramwell was dashing, almost six and a half feet tall with flowing blonde hair a physique like a god as if chiseled from pure marble.

Sir Ramwell had been patrolling the stone-paved streets of West Havenswoodshire’el, keeping an eye out for evil doers like witches, warlocks and cross-dressers when all of a sudden, the sky grew dark.

Women and children retreated into their homes as lightning pierced the sky. Ramwell looked up and smirked. He drew his shimmering long sword from its sheath and thrust it high into the sky.

“There is no evil powerful enough to defeat me, show yourself villain!” He shouted.

A pair of what looked like yellow eyes tore open in the clouds now black as night and spoke in a towering, cackling voice.

“The legendary Maximus Ramwell, it is I, Malla Justid, the most powerful dark sorcerer in all of Darkwood and I challenge you to a duel of fate!”

The women and children now staring out of windows and doorways gasped with fear and unease as the dare was made. Ramwell stood tall, his face unflinching as glared upwards at the large menacing face in the sky.

“I accept your challenge, filth, where shall I find you?” Ramwell pronounced fiercely.

“Atop the highest mountain in the Valley of Evil!” Justid laughed and the black skies retreated, leaving a city frightened to death in its wake.


Ramwell stood atop the volcano with his sword drawn and yelled with all his might.
“I’m here for you, Malla Justid!”

“As I am here for you, son,” said a familiar menacing voice.

“That’s not possible! My father died years ago-” Ramwell was interrupted.

“Atop the highest mountain in the valley of evil!” Malla Justid laughed viciously. “I did not die, I merely became more powerful! Now I will rule the world!”

Ramwell’s eyes filled with tears as he roared like a lion and thrust his sword deep into his father’s chest. Malla Justid twitched and shook as he stared down at the glowing blade. Ramwell withdrew it and stared in shock as blood poured from the wound.

“NO! This cannot be! It’s the legendary blade of the ancient Ukumukutuku people! It’s the only blade whose power far surpasses my own! GAAAHH!” Justid screeched as he screamed one last time and collapsed under his own weight, dead.

Ramwell’s tears were still dripping lightly from his sapphire eyes as he spoke.

“Father, if I only I knew you, I could have SAVED YOU!” He shouted to the heavens. “I will avenge you! Your life of evil will be forgotten as soon as I smite those responsible for turning you!”

Just then, a red-haired woman with sparkling green eyes, fair skin, a voluptuous bust and a thin frame appeared on the other side of the volcano.

“Please Maximus, HAVE MY CHILDREN!”


Epic Gamer
LOL at the ending. :lol:

Is there a time limit? Is it the usual 15 minutes?