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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Dragon, May 23, 2010.

  1. Dragon

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    Have you ever wrote on your country's currency or seen what people write on it? (yes, defacing or writing on currency is illegal)

    Im sure the most basic one is where's george. People either write on it or stamp that on there. I was going to make a deposit today at the bank and counted the money and saw that someone wrote "What you are eating is killing you. Eat Organic!" (like salmonella is not gonna kill you) Another one I saw was pass this along and you'll get good luck.

  2. Jeanie

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    I've defaced currency. I like to make Elvis Presley out of George, either on quarters or the dollar. I think it's hilarious.
  3. Impact

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    I guess it isn't illegal here, because banks always write on the money with how much is in each stack. I haven't seen anything other than extra numbers on notes, it would be interesting to get a random note on one. I might start writing on them, see if I ever get them back.
  4. RJ-Cool

    RJ-Cool "Expect the unexpected"

    I've done it before. Didn't think it was such a big deal (it being illegal, that is) Still, if I feel like it, I'll do it again.........

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