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Writing Letters To Prisoners


Registered Member
Have you ever written a letter to a person in prison??
Do you personally know of someone...a family member or friend...who is currently incarcerated, and if so, do you write them??
Would you be more apt, if given the choice, to write a prisoner you thought was guilty, to find out more about why he/she did the crime...or would you be wanting to write to someone you felt was innocent, getting a bum rap so to speak??
I have written to a person on death row before, and I have written to someone who served 2 years in prison.
I'll tell you more about them later~


I have never written a letter to someone in prison. The people I know that have served time, are people I wouldn't care to write to anyways. But I would write one, if by some misfortune, one of my close family or friends ends up doing time.