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'Writing for the four moderates on the Court'


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

I was reading this and it seemed to upset a lot of people. I was wondering what are your thoughts on the NY Times calling Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Bryer "the four moderates."?

I don't read the NY Times all that often, but aren't they Liberal bias?

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Embrace the Suck
I was reading this piece this morning and just made a thread on the issue of the decision itself. It made me laugh because when I read it because THIS is exactly what is meant by liberal slant that is so often ignored, or accepted really. Yet is somehow always seen from Fox News.

The way the piece is written, using the words "moderates" attempts to convey the idea these four are being reasonable, and the 5 "conservatives" are jumping on the corporate bandwagon that is Wal-Mart and siding with them against the little guy. Nevermind the fact that Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan are anything BUT moderate (I'll stipulate that Breyer can be a moderate at times) and nevermind the fact that if there is a moderate on the court his name is Anthony Kennedy, whom the NYT classifies him as a conservative. And of course nevermind what the actual law is in this issue.

This is pretty much par for course for the NYT, and it can certainly be considered activist.
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