Writing: Falling Back in Love With the Rain

This was written yesterday. It's pretty much purely autobiographical. It's partially about a girl who I miss very much, who I will see again in nine weeks (which really shouldn't feel like forever).



Falling Back in Love With the Rain
(c) Adrienne Etienne Houseman

I've hated the rain for years, for various reasons, one of the strongest reasons being that when it rains for more than a few days I generally start hurting all over. But there are other things too, most recently, my parents rejected my attempt to come out on a rainy day. Two of the times that I was dumped it was raining. In elementary school I couldn't escape to the edges of the field when it rained, and I felt trapped. Rain meant being stuck indoors, and moping.

Somewhere in the past few months something changed. When I walked outside today and it was raining, I laughed. I ran through the rain from my dorm to the mail room laughing, it made me feel alive, it broke me out of the moping that I had been doing lately. It reminded me of you, and for a second it felt like you were there.

You love rain, it reminds you of home. And somehow, I guess that I have come to associate you with rain. The air smells clean, I can go outside, there is no one trapping me. And even though you are home for the summer, and I'm still down here, you're just a phone call away, and I'll see you soon.

I've missed you so much in the short time since you left for home. It's more than a little ridiculous. I've woken up screaming from nightmares, when I haven't done that in months. I've twitched at little things that haven't bothered me for months. Living with you gave me a sense of security, and I've felt at loose ends for the past few days. I feel better now, even though it is raining, because it is raining.

That's what the rain was telling me today, and I can love the rain again, not just when it comes in crashing storms, but when it falls lightly and warmly like today. Because the rain is a connection. Thank you for giving me that. I miss you, but I know that you'll still be there when I see you again, and you'll still care.


Guardian of the Light
Yet another very deep piece of writing, more talent that I wish that I had, you should write a book, you'd be good at it if you could compile all of your thoughts into a longer story.
I'm working on two probably long novella length works under my pen name and a mosaic novel under my real name. Most of the stuff that I post here is my more experimental writing. Partially cause it comes out a lot faster. I am thinking of submitting a few of the things that I have posted on here to magazines (Dissociation, The End). After I polish them a little though.

I mostly write short stories, and short novellas though. It is the length that I am most comfortable with. This may have something to do with me usually writing at least 15 drafts of something before I am happy with it.