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Wrestling Trivia


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Anybody interested in doing this? I know I made a thread like this a couple years ago back.

Pretty simple thread...one person asks a question and if you answer correctly than you get to ask a question.


#2 New Zealander
Ill give it a shot. I haven't followed wrestling in a while but I think I'd do pretty well.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm interested, but I want to change it up. Just asking a question will only make the thread a spam fest. I say you need to ask a minimum of three questions each time. Also if do this please don't cheat by going on Google and looking up the answer, it's no fun that way. There's no shame of not knowning the answer.


Where is my Queen?
I'll do it as well, but this definetly reminds me of the Ask Each Other Thread. When that thread was created, it seemed like the wrestling section, died down a little bit, we were all posting only on that thread, while some of the questions should of had it's own thread. But I am down, but there needs to be a twist.
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