Wrestling Tournament: Smackdown Edition

Tournament Setup:

1)I will post a match and you get to vote on which one you
think is the better wrestler and whom you would like to move
on to round two.

2)the matches will be on a set time limit and it will be
one vs one matches and you simply vote for the one you
think is the better over all wrestler

3)how to vote: just put the wrestlers name in a reply post

Tournament Rules:

1)please try not to be vote for someone just cuz you hate
the other wrestler

2)be nice: if some one votes for John Cena please do not bash

P.S. if this gets a good response then i will post more of these
tournaments i already have four all planed out

if you have any questions ask them now before i post the first
batista wins round 1 match 1


match 2 Brian Kendrick Vs Chris Benoit

oh no there both so good

i vote chris benoit he is a vet and theres no one better
Benoit wins round 1 match 2


Match 3 Doug Basham Vs Finlay

hands down finlay i mean come on do i really have to post dumb matches haha