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Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Their Hall of Fame inductees for this year are Brock Lesnar, Shinsuke Nakamura, Perro Aguayo Jr., the Assassins, Ivan Koloff and Carlos Colon. To qualify, you need to get 60 percent of the overall vote, which comes from four groups – reporters, historians, former wrestlers and active wrestlers.

Top notables to miss the cut, with their percentages: Mean Gene Okerlund (58), Jim Crockett Sr. (57), Daniel Bryan (54, first year on ballot), Sting (51), Edge (44), The Fink (42), Jimmy Hart (36), Curt Hennig (30), Junkyard Dog (29), Sgt. Slaughter (23), CM Punk (22), Ultimate Warrior (13).

Dropped from the ballot for less than 10 percent: Big Show, AJ Styles, Hector Garza, Bob Geigel. Next year, Kerry Von Erich and Pedro Morales get added to the ballot.
What kind of hall of fame is that, where guys who are still active are even on the ballot, let alone dropped, and someone like Brock Lesnar (not that he's not deserving, but he's still very much active and in his prime) gets in ahead of a half-dozen guys who should be no-brainer first-ballot entries for any kind of wrestling hall of fame?


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Not wanting to sound heartless but if Perro Aguayo Jr. doesn't die earlier this year, does he get in?