Wrestling "Marks"


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On any wrestling discussion website or even on Youtube wrestling vids you'll see this word used a lot, and usually in a negative light. "STFU you ******* mark", "i bet you're nothing but a stupid mark" are the types of phrases that you'll usually find the word used. But i don't get why people hate on "marks" so much.

For anyone that's unfamiliar with the term, the wikipedia definition is: a fan who believes that the characters and events of some or all of professional wrestling are real. The term can also be applied to a fan who idolizes a particular wrestler, promotion, or style of wrestling to a point some might consider excessive

Now i don't understand why people hate "marks" so much. It doesn't make any sense for people to hate marks because if it wasn't for marks, then there'd be no business. The business, especially in the boom in popularity in the 80's, is and always will be founded on marks. Another thing i don't understand, is people's desire to ruin a mark's belief in wrestling. I hate to see someone on the internet saying "wrestling is fake you stupid mark". Why take the magic out of wrestling? If anything i think the so called "smarks" are much more damaging to the business than marks, which i guess comes back to Anthony's thread about the loss of kayfabe.

So how does everybody else feel about wrestling "marks"?


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I don't get the big deal either...I "mark out" all the time, so to speak. In other sports I call them man crushes and in wrestling its called marking out. So what, it happens!


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You found an article on marks on Wikipedia? Link? Because I can't seem to find one.

I mean, it's like the girls who read Twilight and then talk about Edward as if he was real and meeting them after school for tea and snuggles. It's excessive and a bit uncomfortable. They're most likely aware the character is fake but they choose to believe otherwise. It can most certainly be annoying when those types step into serious discussions and start quipping about their favorite character as if they were 100% authentic.
I'm with Millz, I mark out during moments where I would never expect WWE to go down that path. CM Punk for example. I thought he would be the first MitB holder to lose when he decided to cash it in. When he did it on Edge I marked out not only for him winning the championship, but the way it was done. So epicly nice! ^_^

I don't care if you believe it's 100% real, mark out at certian moments or whatnot. Just as long as you're not trolling about what we all know and spamming UFC > WWE BS I won't have a problem. Marks are innocent. :)


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We all mark out at some point watching Wrestling. When Benoit made Triple McMahon tap at Wrestlemania 20 let me tell you I marked like a 12 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert.


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We all mark out at some point watching Wrestling. When Benoit made Triple McMahon tap at Wrestlemania 20 let me tell you I marked like a 12 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert.
:lol: Oh god, I can't stop laughing! Hahahaha! And you make a good point, people do get carried away sometimes when watching wrestling, especially when we get things our way.

But, if you're older than, say, 8 years of age, and still think wrestling is real, you need a serious reality check. That's a sign that you need to get your ass off the sofa and get some fresh air.


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I mark out so many times it's not funny lol....especially when Cena makes his entrance, because well I LOVE JOHN CENA! lol! Such a huge fan of him lol...same thing goes for when The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin would make an entrance, but that's completely understandable, they have awesome Intro music, it started from the glass shattering to the "IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL" to the "My time is up, my time is now".

Gotta love marking out haha..and I ain't ashamed of it :)