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Wrestler's Rescue a fraud?


Lion Rampant
rajah.com said:
Some serious claims are being made towards former WWE performer Dawn Marie Damatta as she is being accused of embezzling her charitable organization, "Wrestlers Rescue."

The organization, which was founded in 2008, creates awareness and helps raise money to support the health care needs of retired professional wrestlers. However, former friends of Damatta say they are unaware of whom the organization has benefited and where the money raised has gone.

According to Wrestling Globe Newsletter editor and Sun writer Mike Aldren, Damatta has embezzled money raised by "Wrestlers Rescue" to fly herself to conventions around the United States so she can profit off of autograph signings. When questioned by Aldren, Damatta set her attorney on him, who admitted that "Wrestlers Rescue" is not a registered charity.

Aldren noted the following to author and activist Irvin Muchnick, which was posted on his blog: "Nobody seems to know where all the money has gone nor has anyone seemingly benefited from the money that Dawn has raised over the past three years. Her former friends have told me she uses the money to fly herself to conventions around the country so she can profit from autograph signings. She has agreements with several promoters where if she flies herself in she will get a free table to sell her merchandise. When I started asking reasonable questions, Dawn set her attorney on me, who admits Wrestlers Rescue is not a registered charity."

This is not the first embezzlement accusation levied towards Damatta as two months ago, a host for the online radio show Hit the Ropes claimed that she was being investigated by the FBI for stealing money from "Wrestlers Rescue." He said that she didn't refund those who paid to attend the organization's July 2010 fundraiser cruise after it was canceled in April.

The reason cited for the event's cancellation was as follows: "It has come to our attention that there is a similar cruise event being held within a month of our event. Due to the fear of not having enough participants because of this we are withdrawing our fundraiser cruise."

Last year, Damatta held a fundraiser to benefit "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, with the funds raised purportedly going towards the purchase of a hands-free medical device that would help him speak more easily after having his voice box removed during cancer surgery. The Hit the Ropes host claimed that she failed to assist Williams before his passing last December due to throat cancer.

He also claimed that she promised money to former WWF ring announcer Michael Porter, but failed to live to her word.
Pretty damn low, if true. Could this be the big scandal of the wrestling year? I can't wait to read what Foley is saying about it. He's been outspoken in support of the alleged charity and he's not the type to keep quiet when injustice is being done.

The idea itself was such a good one. I hope Dawn Marie hasn't been embezzling and I hope she didn't form a charity with the intent of fraud. Time will soon tell, I guess.


"Expect the unexpected"
This is quite alarming and somewhat infuriating. If these allegations are proven to be true I hope she gets everything she deserves plus interest! I hate to see people taken advantage of. I guess, like you said...."Time will tell".


Haters gonna hate.
I hope this is not true. This is really wrong on a lot of levels.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wouldn't be surprised if this was true or not. She probably needs the money and she thought this was a good way to make some.

@Tucker: Please let me know what Mick says about the whole situation.