Wrestlers Popularity


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This thread is just to discuss the popularity of some of the most amazing wrestlers to ever step into the ring, it could be about how they became popular, the unlikeliness of their popularity, or how insane their level of popularity had just become, or how come some wrestlers just never seemed to get over with the crowd.

Let's discuss Hulk Hogan first, good god the momentum and impact he had in the wrestling industry throughout the 80s and well into the 90s was unparralel...

He really was responsible for putting Wrestling on the map, and WWE for that matter.



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In a way Hogan was the one to put wrestling on the map. He was the first true star OUTSIDE of wrestling who was also a huge star in wrestling. I have to give him and McMahon a ton of credit.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah true, it's kind of funny though.

People say that without Hogan, there would be no WWE, but without Mcmahon there would be no Hogan.

It sort of plays both ways.

I got a question in regards to popularity.

What years did Austin really start to get over with the crowd? I remember him making his entrance in the 1997 royal rumble, and no pops, so I guess it wasn't until like 1998?