Wrestlemanias Ranked from 1 - 25


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IGN has a pretty good article running down their WM rankings in order, including some handy, dandy embedded videos. Pretty good read and always nice to take a trip down memory lane during 'Mania time!!! I can't see anyway that WM 3 isn't #1 overall given it's historical impact but also tough to argue w/ X7.


What do u guys think with their list?


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Wrestlemania 3 was better than 17, they mess up there. The number one pick should of been WM 3 and number two WM 17. The worst WM ever was WM 2000, that sucked the roof off in the WWE.


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As long as Wrestlemania 17 is first that's all that matters. It was far and away the best Wrestlemania I ever watched.

3 is okay but nothing that outstanding. It had one awesome match and an historical main event and that's about it.


The return shall be legenday!
I LOVED WM 14 I thought it mightve been a little low, but no one can disagree with WM 17 as the top WM, and I remember watching it, and just LOVING Austin beating the crap out of The Rock. I think that really WM started to head a little south after 17 because I think that the Rock/Austin match was pretty much the last BIG moment of the Attitude Era, and then afterward WWE started to lose a bit of quality.

As for the rest, I think that WM 19 was a bit underrated, I think it also brought some "closure" with the fact that Austin wasn't gonna be wrestling anymore (at least not to the scale that he was before), thought it was overall a good WM, 20 was BEAST, 21 was good, LOVED Angle-Michaels, 22 and 23 to me were meh, I liked 24, and 25 was another meh WM to me.