Wrestlemania records, part 1

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    After a long wait I am ready to announce at least SOME of the all-time Wrestlemania records. I essentially had to do it all over again because it wasn't copying and pasting from excell the way I wanted it too.

    Anyways, here are some of "The Old-Timers" who have competed at Wrestlemania. I thought it would be easier to split some of these people up. Enjoy!

    Adam Bomb: 0-1

    Adrian Adonis: 1-1

    Andre the Giant: 2-3, one main event, won $15,000 at WM 1 in a Bodyslam challenge, Won NFL/WWE Battle Royal @ WM2, Lost WWE Tag Titles at WM 6

    Animal: 3-0

    Alundra Blayze: 1-0, retained Women's title at WM 10

    Arn Anderson: 1-0

    Ax: 3-0, won WWE Tag Team Titles at WM's 4 and 6, retained Tag Titles at WM 5

    Bad News Brown: 1-0-2, won Battle Royal at WM 4

    Bam Bam Bigelow: 1-2

    Barbarian: 1-2

    Barry Windham: 0-2, Lost Tag Titles at WM1

    Big Bossman: 5-1, won IC title match at WM 7 by DQ

    Big John Studd: 0-1

    Billy Jack Haynes: 0-0-1

    Bob Backlund: 0-2

    Bobby Heenan: 1-1

    Bob Orton Sr: 0-1

    Boris Zhukov: 0-1

    Brian Knobbs: 1-1, Won WWE Tag Titles at WM 7

    British Bulldog: 4-2-1, Won WWE Tag Titles at WM 2, Retained Tag Titles at WM 13 after double count out

    Brutus Beefcake: 3-2-2

    Butch Bushwhacker: 1-0

    Butch Reed: 1-1

    Corporal Kirchner: 1-0

    Crush: 0-4

    Danny Davis: 1-0

    David Sammartino: 0-0-1

    Diesel/Kevin Nash: 1-1, Retained WWE title at WM11

    Dino Bravo: 1-3

    Dink: 0-1

    Doink/Matt Bourne: 1-2

    Don Muraco: 1-2-1

    Doug Furnas: 0-1

    Dusty Rhodes: 1-0

    Dynamite Kid: 1-2, Won Tag Titles at WM2

    Earthquake: 4-0, Won Tag Title match at WM 8 via count-out

    Executioner: 0-1

    Fabulous Moolah: 1-0, Won Women’s title at WM2

    Finlay: 0-4

    Fuji: 0-1

    George the Animal Steele: 0-1

    George Wells: 0-1

    Giant Gonzales: 0-1

    Greg the Hammer Valentine: 2-5, lost IC title match at WM1 by count out so retained title, lost tag titles at WM2

    Haiti Kid: 1-0

    Haku: 1-3, lost tag titles at WM6

    The Harris Brothers: 0-1

    Harley Race: 1-0

    Hawk: 3-0

    Hercules: 1-4-1

    Hillbilly Jim: 1-0

    Honky Tonk Man: 1-2, retained IC title by DQ at WM4

    Hoss Funk: 1-0

    Hulk Hogan: 8-3-1, he won 3 titles, successfully defended 2 titles, and participated in 7 main events. Retained WWE title at WM2 in a cage match, retained WWE title at WM3, won WWE title at WM5, lost WWE title at WM6, won WWE title at WM7, won WWE title at WM9.

    Iron Sheik: 3-0, won tag titles at WM1, won gimmick battle royal at WM17

    Jacques Rougeau/Mountie: 1-4, lost tag title match at WM10 via count out but retained title as a result

    Jake Roberts: 3-4-1, won blind fold match at WM7

    Jeff Saggs: 1-1, won tag titles at WM7

    Jim Duggan: 2-1-1

    Jim Niedhart: 3-1, lost tag titles at WM7

    Jimmy Snuka: 0-3

    Junkyard Dog: 1-2

    Killer Bees: 0-1

    King Kong Bundy: 1-3, lost main event match at WM2

    Kitao: 1-0

    Koko B Ware: 0-3

    Leilani Kai: 0-2, lost women’s title at WM1

    Lex Luger: 2-1

    Little Beaver: 1-0

    Little Tokyo: 0-1

    Lord Littlebrook: 0-1

    Luke Bushwhacker: 1-0

    Luna Vachon: 1-1

    Marc Mero: 1-0

    Marty Jannetty: 1-2

    Mike Rotunda (IRS): 1-2, successfully defended 2 championships. Retained tag titles at WM8 after getting counted out and retained tag titles at WM9. Also lost tag titles at WM1

    Mo: 1-0, won tag title match at WM10 via count out…did not win belts as a result.

    Mosh: 1-0

    Mr. Perfect: 1-3, lost IC title match at WM7 by count out but retained title.

    Nikolai Volkoff: 2-2, won tag title at WM1

    One Man Gang: 2-2

    Owen Hart: 5-2-1, won tag titles at WM11, retained tag titles at WM 13 and WM 15

    Paul Orndorff: 0-1-1, participated in main event at WM1

    Paul Roma: 0-1

    Phil LaFon: 0-1

    Pierre Ouellet: 0-1, Lost Tag Title match @ WM 10 but by count out so he retained

    Randy Savage: 7-4, he won 2 titles, successfully defended 1 title and participated in 3 main events. Lost IC title at WM3, won WWE title at WM4, lost WWE title at WM5, lost career ending match at WM7, won WWE title at WM8.

    Raymond Rougeau: 0-2

    Razor Ramon: 3-1, retained IC title at WM 10, won IC title match at WM 11 but did so via DQ.

    Red Rooster: 1-0

    Ric Flair: 1-4, lost WWE title at WM 8 in the first half of the double main event

    Rick Martel: 2-4

    Rick Rude: 2-0-1, won IC title at WM 5

    Rick Steiner: 1-0

    Ricky Steamboat: 3-2, won IC title at WM 3

    Rikishi/Fatu: 2-2, retained tag titles at WM 20

    Rowdy Piper: 2-4-1, lost IC title at WM 8, participated in one main event match

    Ronnie Garvin: 0-1

    Samu: 0-1

    Sapphire: 1-0

    Sato: 1-0

    Savio Vega: 0-2

    Scott Steiner: 1-0

    Sgt Slaughter: 1-1, lost WWE title at WM 7 in the main event

    Shawn Michaels: 6-10, lost IC title match at WM 9 but by count out so he retained, won WWE title at WM 12, lost WWE title at WM 14. He participated in 4 total main events.

    Sherri Martel: 0-1

    Sid: 0-2, lost WWE title at WM 13, participated in 2 main events

    Skinner: 0-1

    Smash (Repo Man): 3-2, won tag titles at WM 4 and WM 6, retained tag titles at WM 5

    Special Delivery Jones: 0-1

    Tama: 1-0

    Tanaka: 1-0

    Tatanka: 2-0, won IC title match at WM 9 but via count out

    Ted DiBiase Sr: 4-3-1, retained Million Dollar title at WM 6, retain tag titles at WM 8 after count out loss, retained tag titles at WM 9. Participated in 1 main event.

    Tenryu: 1-0

    Terry Funk: 2-0, won tag titles at WM 14

    Texas Tornado: 1-0

    Tito Santana: 1-7

    Tom Zenk: 1-0

    Thrasher: 2-1, won and lost the hardcore title at WM 16

    Tully Blanchard: 1-0

    Typhoon: 1-0, won tag title match at WM 8 after a count out

    Ultimate Warrior: 4-1, lost IC title at WM 5, won WWE title at WM 6, won career ending match at WM 7. Participated in 1 main event.

    Uncle Elmer: 0-1

    Undertaker: 18-0, won WWE title at WM’s 13, 23 and 24. Participated in 3 main events.

    Vader: 1-0-1

    Velvet McIntyre: 0-1, lost women’s title at WM 2

    Vince McMahon: 0-4

    Virgil: 2-0

    Warlord: 0-2

    Wendi Richter: 1-0, won women’s title at WM 1

    Yokozuna: 3-3, won WWE title at WM 9, lost WWE title at WM 9, retained WWE title at WM 10, lost WWE title at WM 10, won tag titles at WM 11. Participated in 2 main events.
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  2. Unity

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    Virgil 2-0? Now that's a surprise! Awesome.

    Thanks for posting, Millz! Great contriubtion as always.

    You da Mang!
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    That's awesome buddy, it was a long wait but it was worth it in the end. i'm surprised that Tito Santana had such a bad record, and Owen Hart did pretty well for himself.

    It's funny how they call HBK Mr. Wrestlemania and 6-10.
  4. StroShow

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    Great Job Millz. It's fun to see that no everyone as made tons of WM appearance sexcept for the Legends. As for HBK being name Mr. Wrestlemania and is 6-10 record...he's not named Mr. Wrestlemania because of the success he's had there...the name came from all the legendary moments he brought to the biggest stage in wrestling history.
  5. Millz

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    Thanks guys...

    I had a fun time doing this to say the least. I am hoping to get the attitude era ones done today and then current superstars after that.

    282 different wrestlers have participated at a Wrestlemania...that includes the celebrities who had matches.
  6. Anthony1975

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    Here's a question, at what point do you think WWF/E realised they were onto something with Undertaker's streak? Obviously it wouldn't have been when he beat Jimmy Snuka or Jake Roberts, maybe even Gonzales but there must have been a point where they thought " hold on we might be able to do something with this" Well?
  7. Millz

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    That's a great question and something I've thought about before but couldn't really nail down. It was definitely not after those guys or even Bundy I wouldn't think. Kevin Nash at WM 12? Probably not. Wrestlemania 13 was about the title for Taker and about revenge on Kane at 14.

    Maybe around 15 with Bossman...hard to say though.
    Oh and dont ask why I had Michaels and Taker on this one but listed Bret Hart under attitude era.

    Because I have no idea haha...not that it matters...just sayin
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  8. Kratzenkov16

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    poor ric flair was 1-4?? that's unfortunate.

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