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Wrestlemania 36


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wrestlemania will be a two-night affair this year with no fans at all. It will be extremely weird to watch, especially since they usually average around 80,000+ fans every year. Nonetheless, I'm excited to watch and will be watching both nights. There are quite a few matches that I am looking forward to.

Sam Zayn vs Daniel Bryan should be off the charts. Both come from the same background and will put on a show.... in an empty arena.

I really believe that Taker will have his wrestling boots on this weekend and will have a great match with Styles. Taker cannot move like he used too - for obvious reasons - however, I believe he really wants to prove to everyone that he still got it.

The match of the night will be Edge vs. Orton. The feud has been off the charts good. Orton proves he's one of the best when his feuds have a meaning. In addition, we get to see Edge back at WM when we thought that would never happen.

The women's match should be fairly entertaining. I think Becky will lose, but Charlotte will win. I like Ripley a lot, but I do not believe she's going to get her WM moment just yet. Baszler will, though.

I'm torn on Brock vs. Drew. Before all this COVID19 stuff happened, I thought Drew was finally going to get that belt, but with no crowd, I just do not believe its going to happen.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That ladder match was a lot of fun. I liked the ending.

Becky-Shayna was pretty good, but the finish was anti-climatic. Why doesn’t Shayna just release the hold.

IC match was fine. Sami was fun as the whiny heel.

This AJ/Taker thing has actually been pretty freakin' sweet. The return of biker Taker is long overdue, as much as he's broken character in interviews recently.

Owens with a nice stunt we'd never see at a typical Mania with the sign 100 feet in the air. Great bump by KO.

Looking toward what we have left:
  • Brock/Drew
  • Charlotte/Ripley
  • 5-way for SD women
  • Edge/Orton
  • Profits/Garza & Theory
  • Black/Lashley
  • Cena/Wyatt
  • Otis/Ziggler
  • Liv/Natalya on the preshow


Better Call Saul
Staff member
So the show was fine...good at spots but not great either. It was tough to do but overall I give the show a slight thumbs up.

I wasn't a fan of either title matches...happy Drew won but the match was eh.

I liked Owens and Rollins the most....the boneyard and firefly fun house match were awesome.

Edge and ORton was built up soooo well but the match was way too freaking long.