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Wrestlemania 17...the best Mania ever


Better Call Saul
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Let's go back to 2001 for a moment, shall we?

It was the card that had it all in terms of matches and it came at a time when the WWE peaked as a company. The rise of the company started with the roots they planted in 1997 (Austin, Rock, HHH, Foley, etc.) and as they continued to grow it all culminated on this show on April Fool's Day in 2001. The entire card wasn't perfect...it's just not possible. The Chyna match was brutal and some of the midcard matches were just okay. The key thing is they were kept short. They knew they were weak points, so they didn't book them to take too much time. Instead, they gave time to the ones that they knew would deliver the goods.

There was the first ever meeting between two great technical wrestlers in Angle vs. Benoit that ended with Angle scoring the win by cheating to win. A little later, we saw a battle of the McMahons: Shane vs. Vince; a match that wasn't great from a technical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint it was epic. Seeing Vince get kicked in the nuts by his wife Linda, who he had drugged to sedate her, drew one of the biggest pops I've ever heard. It was perfect storytelling. The best thing that the entire McMahon family was ever involved in as far as on screen storylines go. Its not some of the stupid crap we get this day in age...it worked in this regard back then.

What happened after that match? Oh well we saw the second TLC match involving Edge & Christian defeating the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. It was better than the first one although not by much. In between this match and the main event we had a comedy match with the gimmick battle royal as well as a very solid Undertaker vs. Triple H encounter.

Finally, the show ended with one of the greatest wrestling matches in the history of the world between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. Austin couldn't put Rock away, so he turned to the one man that was against him the most, Vince McMahon. He didn't win with the Stunner. Nope. He won by beating the shit out of The Rock with a steel chair that set the tone for what would be a heel run. Was turning Austin heel in his home state of Texas at WrestleMania the best move? Looking back on it, it might not have been, but in terms of a match this one was an absolute classic.

IMO this wasn't only the greatest Wrestlemania it history but it was also the greatest PPV in history. Hell, I didn't even mention the solid match Regal and Jericho had! If you haven't seen it then I sincerely suggest you check it out somewhere.
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The Rock is cooking atm..
Couldn't agree more, this Mania was probably the most solid, and hell the most entertaining one to watch, never a dull moment....TLC was epic, but what really made it was the mainevent...We're talking two of quite arguably the best in the WWE ever....the match was pure class, and not a dull moment, the crowd reactions when they would both hit each others finishers on each other was just crazy, and the craziest heel turn ever was just the biggest WTF moment in mania history.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Apparently it was voted the best Wrestlemania ever too by some website...

Here was the complete card:

Chris Jericho over William Regal to retain IC title

Tazz, Bradshaw & Faarooq over Right to Censor (Godfather, Venis, Buchanan)

Kane over Raven & Big Show to win Hardcore Title

Eddie Guerrero over Test to win European Title

Kurt Angle over Chris Benoit

Chyna over Ivory to win Women's title

Shane McMahon over Vince McMahon in a street fight

Edge & Christian over the Dudleys and Hardys in a TLC match to win the World Tag Titles

The Iron Sheik won the Gimmick Battle Royal

The Undertaker over Triple H

Stone Cold over the Rock to win WWE Title


The Rock is cooking atm..
Wow awesome line up, and haha I forgot all about the Hardcore belt, that must have been a really awesome match....

Kurt and Benoit? Wow, enough said......you already have an epic match written.


Problematic Shitlord
That match between Trips and Taker was astounding, it's one of my favorite matches of all time.


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what a star studded ppv it was indeed...

even test vs guerrero was good!