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Wreck the Malls......


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all and good morning....

So who was brave enough to go out on the 4 day weekend to go shoping?
Well you are braver than I....And slightly nuts too.....:lol:
I was watching the local news and there is 2 people in the hospital from the mass trampleing at wallie world on friday...

And for those who thought it only happens at wallie world, 3 malls have had major riots and fighting this year, and we are only 3 days into the x-mass shopping season...WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought all this holiday hoopla was suposed to be Peace on earth and good will towards all men/women? And people wonder why I don't like x-mass...

I often wonder if we are all missing something...I guess as the times change so do we.....Anyhow share your shopping adventures with us even if they are good, bad, ugly or just plain nuts...We wanna hear from you.:nod:
So all you brave holiday shoppers sound off.!!!!!
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I went shopping Friday & Saturday, I think Saturday was more of a circus than Friday was, only because more people seemed to be out. I had no problems at all, but then I've become a pro at shopping this time of year. It's all in scheduling the right stores at the right time. Believe it or not, the only store I left due to long lines was my art supply store, and since I went there for myself it was no problem to come back another day.
As far as what happened at Wal-Mart....it just shows the low mentality and class of some people. We've been lining up since kindergarten, even then you knew cuts were a big no-no and you had to wait your turn. For those who reverted to stomping and trampling...I hope your conscience allows you a very merry X-mas!! I blame Wal-mart just as much as those idiots who were in line. They should have anticipated the mob mentality and taken steps to prevent what happened!
You are absolutely right Night, most people have forgotten what the true spirit of Christmas is all about. It's the simple things we should cherish the most, not the most expensive gift under the tree!!


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I used to go out day after thanksgiving for the all the great deals, but I don't do that anyomre at all. I still manage to find really good deals any other day before christmas than just on friday after thanksgiving. I really got burnt out on the rude, pushy people, that I just decided not to do it anymore. It's just not that important to me. I try not to overdo it on christmas morning with my daughter. I want her to have a good christmas but also want to balance that with knowing what it's all about, not how many presents you get. we have such a big family that it gets blown out of proportion anyway LOL she still gets a million things but so far she doesn't have the gimmies. Actually its been the opposite, she usually gets tired of opening presents and says she doesn't want to do it anymore : / sheesh, when I was a kid! it was bring it on!!


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I quit doing the day/weekend after since the little kid. Didn't miss it at all and like Bunny said you can find great deals after Thanksgiving weekend too. For some reason I felt like going this year but would of had to take the little one along. NO THANK YOU! For power shopping you hop in/grab/hop out again. Don't think that would have worked very well. Then again I have no idea yet what I'm buying anyone so that figured into it also.

People are asking me what I want.....Uggg! Who's had time to even think about it????????