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I guess that chapter would have been far less confusing if it was in english but so much was going on that I was lost


Demon King/Sith Warrior
Yeah. I needed an online summary to figure out what the **** was happening in that mess of lines.

- Danny tells Gash that while him and the others were spirits, they were able to see Gash fight Clear. Since Gash was fighting for all of them, they did all they could to help.
- First up is Wonrei, who gives Gash Sin Goraiou Diabauren. Then Rein gives him Sin Garubadousu Aborodio. Next is Earth who gives him Sin Varusere Ozu Marru Sorudon. Followed by Kid who hands over Mikoruo Sin Zegaruga. Finally a combo attack with Reira, Pamoon, and Victoream with the spells Miberuna Sin Miguron, Faruseeze Baaron, and Sin Charguru Imisudon.
- Clear takes some damage from all that [but not much...], so he gets annoyed and fires a huge attack.
- Gash stops the attack [and causes a huge explosion] with Sin Doragonosu Buroa given to him by Ashuron.


Demon King/Sith Warrior
If that chapter was turned into an anime episode it'd be 10 times worse than the infamous "electric soldier porygon" episode of pokemon.


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Oh my looks like Zatch Bell x_X;

in which after awhile that show started to get way boring to me when it aired on Toonami on CN.


It IS Zatch Bell, it didn't recongnize it until I read the name again and look over on some pages again >.>;


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Lol. It's the end of Zatch bell, or at least what looks like the end. The anime sucked compared to the manga. Toonami cut off the series right before the best fights. T.T

Plus in the anime most mamodo are missing like, half of thier spells.

And the final ep of the anime sucked too.