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Wow, this guy sure showed the man!


Secret Agent
Staff member
When most people say "I'll show you!" you apparently don't take it as far as this guy did.

Japan man mails his finger in protest - Asia-Pacific - MSNBC.com

I'd say he definitely showed the Japanese government!

Looking back I wonder if he wonders what was going through his head at the time he decided this was a good idea...


Heavy Weapons Guy
it is an attention grabber but I'd never cut of my own finger!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
At least he didn't light himself on fire.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
That is crazy. Imagine trying to cut off your own finger. That is something that I couldn't do.

I wonder what the guy who opened that package said.


Registered User
Oh man, that was bad, "One final point" ouch, very bad. I would never go that far, to send one of my own body parts. Wow, what a wack job. Does anyone know if he mailed his middle finger? :lol:


Well-Known Member
That is not worth it, the government could take a sample of the DNA and track you easily, plus it would smell really bad and they usually have dogs sniff packages at the post office before they send them out, it is definitely not worth it to send your finger to anyone, hopefully that guy learned his lesson on cutting off body parts.

I wonder how he is going to type now...
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