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Wow, there's actually a "GeneralForum" haha.


Registered Member

And Hybrix you are hard to find because I was searching in vain for months for a new forum to camp out at since I shut all mine down and the ones I went to got shut down too. I never thought to do just a general forum. I think I found you guys on a some list.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Hello. I was also amused when I heard about the forum and glad it's so easy to remember. I keep forgetting the other sites I've joined unless I can retrieve the url from the faves link.


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Hey TimmehD! Good you found us because you going to have a blast here. Stay active is #1, though.


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Welcome to GF.
What car are you tinkering with ? Anything worth writing home about ?


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I was surprised that there was such thing as a general forum, too. I've joined others, but this is probably the most mature, yet laid-back, one I've ever been to. I just came here a couple days ago, but I already like the people around here. You should have a good time. Stay active.


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Welcome to GF.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the best forum on the web, it's always cool getting new members joining the forums. You said you were on a religion forum for close to two years now, well hopefully we will be seeing you in that section and trying to help has many people has you can.


Supreme System Lord
Welcome mate. You'll love it round here, you mark my words.
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