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Wow! That got me excited...


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm sure when you watch sports, there's some plays that got you all excited, but then something happens that ruins the awesome play. We can call it blue balls for instance ;)

What are some of those plays for you?

1. Basketball team gets set up to inbound the ball for the final shot of the game. Everyone gets lined up, then the defensive team calls a timeout.

2 A team rolling down the field as time is winding down, they get to the line to spike the ball for a fg and someone false starts mandating a runoff that ends the game.

3. Hail Mary pass that gets intercepted or knocked down five yards short of the end zone. Even one that goes off a receiver's hands or into a pack offers a bit of a thrill.


Well-Known Member
They throw an ill advised Vegas slant.