wow look at these ebay auction I found 5 of them.


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Check out these auctions... some are funny some are just creepy:
I just give a basic title and item number:
1. wife/mom on strike= 5576797104
2.legally change my name (violted some ebay rules may not be around)
no: 5576454946
3.rock jesus with elvis on it: 5577240301 ( i don;t see do you tell me if you do)
4. ekkk... Monkey's paw = 5576640955
5. leather body bag xl ( ok this is freaky) = 5577957777

if you can't find them or i gave the wrong number they are all under he extrememly bizarrad on ebay....
the monkey paw who in the world would get that it is weird and scary and very freaky............


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I know Doubles and guess what?? Now I've got to go find them and look at them. WHY??? I don't know. Do I like being freaked out? :lol: :lol:


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Well you might as well to i did .some are cool some are freaky but hey they all give you a good laugh and lord knows we all need one every now and then :lol:


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they are funny and inventive but they give me the willies.........
lol true doubles they are a good laugh.. imagine if someone does get it and you were to find it on your bed... heck it will give someone a heart attack to find a grossly looking decompose hand from the looks of it.. hey maybe the wendy's thing the tip are they all there? lol not trying to be funny but hey u never know.........yuck

:) true makes you wonder what kind of people find and post these sort of things.....don't you?

kennon07 said:
Hey you started it!!! :lollol: You know you love it. :lol:
ok you right ,, but curiousity killed the cat........... lol
it too funny and creepy at the same time........... still creepy......... and yeah I like to find weird things..... what else do i have in my time,,, too ( i do love horror movies) lol
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