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Xbox 360 Wow, is it hard


Registered Member
I went to Best Buy for Black Friday this mourning. I saw the xbox 360 on a 50 inch flat panel TV. The TV did not do it's justice for this beautiful game. Either the setting on the TV were off or the didn't have the HD turned on on the cord. But I played it and I got killed pretty quick and it was hard getting a shot off since I kept getting hit so many time. The only thing I didn't like was when you team kill someone on your team you have to start over. Other then that it was great.


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Not to be a dick or anything but I noticed you spamming quite often with replies that have nothing to do with the topic. Take this for instance.


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if you're a CoD veteran, this CoD is easier because of the changed "health system".

just remember to take cover often, smoke nades work very well, use nades to flush out the enemies, and use your gun sights often.


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I had the original for the PC when it came out and I was good at that. I only played the xbox 360 version for a short time. But do I suck at this game, lol. But I will still buy Call Of Duty 2 since it is a great game. The main problem I was having was when I go to shoot someone I would get shot from every angle and my crosshair would jump everywhere on the screen.


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I've got CoD2 and I love it. The graphics are astonishing and the gameplay is challenging as well. I haven't gone too far into the game yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.


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hi guys just need little helplooking for somebody who has played the pc game called " AURA fate of the ages if u do so please reply i jusy can't finishe it im stuck in the middle right into the tunnel just can't figure out how to maneuver the machine thanks for ur help :confused:
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