Wow bad carple tunnel

i dont know what to do about it. if this thred isint in the right area or whatever then i guess youl have to report me and then il get booted off and then hu.... sad


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Meh, it can be a gaming related injury, so it stays in General Gaming. Anything that's not for gaming should go in General Discussion, or one of the forums on GeneralForum.

But yeah, there's not much you can do the help the pain other than taking it easy on the controllers, keyboards, and mice for a while. I get a nice case of it in my right wrist a lot because of the way I hold the mouse, and I have to take a couple days break every once and a while before I can go back to regularly using it.


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I am lucky enough to never have to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome but that's most likely because I don't spend every waking moment of my life playing games.

i suggest getting a wrist brace or 2 if you have to.