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Would you?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Would you guys take advantage of having a picture of a gubernatorial candidate (and former governor) standing and watching two dogs fight?

Context: Bob Elrich was at my house today and my dog got out and attacked my uncle's dog. My sister may or may not have gotten a picture of him watching.


A Darker Knight
depends on if you like the candidate or not

or you can sell it and be set for life


Registered Member
What would be the point? Was he supposed to jump in and break up the fight? Did he get out his wallet and want to bet on which would win?


Registered Member
No, I'm not interested in anyone political and I certainly am not interested in any kind of dogs fighting......


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
If he was watching an actual staged dog fight, betting, etc. I'd say it's actually the ethical thing to do as far as getting it to the public.

If it's out of context, which this story sounds like it is, it's pretty unethical to do that, and I know I wouldn't.