Would you wear toe shoes?


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Ever seen these things?


I'm unsure whether or not people wear these with socks or not. They might just be for stuff like surfing and whatnot but from what I've heard people wear them hiking and running as well. My guess is that they would end up stinking in short notice if you are going to do active stuff with them and not wear socks.

They are definitely not for me. I'm perfectly fine with normal shoes.
I wouldn't try them because of my distaste of constraining forms of footwear. I couldn't try them because my feet are quite large, particularly in width.
Also, I like my shoes like I like my art, aesthetically pleasing
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They are just plain weird. Maybe you'd wear toe socks with them

Definitely not for me though. I think i'll stick to my normal shoes.


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Those are the ugliest fucking things I've ever seen. They make Crocs look like Manolo Blahniks or something.

Hell no!


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^ Lol!

But no, i wouldn't wear them. They look pretty bad and they also seem quite pointless. Like everyone else has said, normal shoes are fine. :nod:


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No I would not wear those not even sure I could as messed up as my toes are, I am not even sure why someone would.
What is the point of having the toes like that or is it just a new gimmick in hope of making them sell.


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TIME Magazine called them one of the best inventions of 2007. Why not give them a try? They might turn out to be superior to the status quo we're always so afraid of offending.


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They look awful and look like something an alien would wear to try and disguse themselves as a human if they came to Earth. (just the first thing that came into my head :shifteyes: :lol:)

No, I would not wear them.
If you paid me to wear them, then yes. But not out of choice.