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would you want to know?


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if given the choice of being told the exact day and time you were going too die would you want to know? you wouldnt be able to prevent it and you wouldnt be told how it was going to happen just that it was.

i dont think i would because i would always be worrying about that day counting down to it, sometimes ignorance is bliss. on the other hand i guess if i did know i would make sure i got off my lazy ass and did everything i ever wanted to so it could be a good thing in the long run.


All I would like to know would be if God really exists and if I were told the exact time of my death, I'd rather die at the moment where I got this sad news than wait for the exact time to come.


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Yeah I would.

I'd remember to score myself a hit of heroin or morphene or something the day before the occasion. Then if the demise is going to be painful in any way I'd be able to tranquilise myself back to the stone age and miss the entire event. And then that'd be that and I can get on with my life...


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As a matter of fact I would be delighted to know the exact date of my death.
I don't even have to give any thought to what my answer will be.....Yes!....in a New York minute!


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Yeah I would actually I think

At least then you could try and do everything you wanted to do within that time


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I wouldn't want to know...in terms of time of death, I think that ignorance is bliss. If you were to find out you'd die tomorrow in a car accident, for example, what would that day feel like?

I just think that to truly enjoy your life and savor it, death needs to remain somewhat of a mystery. It can come at any time, and I acknowledge that. I prefer to live with the hope that I'll die in my sleep with a wife, kids, and grandchildren. :)


Creeping On You
It's hard to decided. On one hand, if you knew, would you be able to stop it? It's a bit of a paradox if that's the case, because everytime you get told, you'd be able to stop in the future. But then I guess whoever is doing the telling would have taken that into consideration and told you when you would inexplicably unavoidably meet your death. Them telling you automatically makes it so you live to die of old age, so sure I'd like to know because then I would be guaranteed to live a long life. So I guess maybe it's not that hard to decide afterall.


Where is my Queen?
if given the choice of being told the exact day and time you were going too die would you want to know? you wouldnt be able to prevent it and you wouldnt be told how it was going to happen just that it was.
I wouldn't want to know. I would try to prevent my death. If I was told that I was going to die on 2/15/2011, I know for a fact that the only way that I am going to die is either by a car wreck, gun shot, or something in that nature. So I would just call in sick and stay at home all day and stay indoors to prevent my death. I have no illnesses so I will try to prevent try to do everything I can to cheat death. Now if the date was 5 years from now, I would quit smoking and do the same thing that I just mentioned.


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I don't mind knowing. However, I can imagine repercussions like...would you waste your life more knowing you have a lot of time left? I think the beauty of not knowing is that "fear" that anyday could be our time to go...and supposedly we make the most of every minute of our life because we never know when it'll be taken away from us.


Sally Twit
The only reason I can think of for wanting to know is so that I could say goodbye to my loved ones. If there were any last words I wanted to say then I'd use the time I had left to say them.

Deep down my answer would always be no. I know I would just freak out and it wouldn't be nice knowing it was coming.