Would You Take A Life?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by SuiGeneris, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. SuiGeneris

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    So; I'm grabbing this off another forum that I'm posting on, but I thought it'd be an interesting question to ask, and see what everyone thinks.

    Ok, here's the question: If you had the oppotunity to cure all of the world's diseases and hunger, would you do it? Now here's the kicker, you have to sacrafice one person in order to do it. One person's life, taken by you, to save billions. What would you do?

    While some people may put a lot of time in posting thier opinions, and analyzing every situation possible, I'd have to just get right down to the answer. The answer, when you think about it; is possibly the easiest answer to give in the world. In fact, I have more trouble ordering my food at Applebee's than I do answering this question.

    Everyone has the moral objections of "murder is bad" as well as "What about the feelings of the family members of the deceased party (Whomever it may be)." However, these are only very near sided (although kind thoughts, but as I said near sided) opinions.

    First off with the "murder is bad" concept. Now the deliberation goes that if you murder someone, your soul is tainted, and not only do you feel bad, but you get a one way ticket to hell. (or pick whatever eternal damnation you'd like) However, think about it. If you have the ability to, essentially, play God in the situation then you have two options. Have one murder on your soul, or have countless murders on your soul. Knowledge is power, and once you know that you can save the world, it becomes your responsiblity to do so. However, if you do not choose to do this because of a moral obligation you hold, you end up defying this obligation by letting countless others die.

    So really this whole "murder is bad" concept only strengthens your reasoning for killing this one person, because then you've done the lesser of two evils, and thats what everyone wants. (By the way this doesn't matter who the person is.)

    Now on to this other, hopefully romantic, concept of the party's surviving members. So..what? First off; I'd take the liberty or letting the party's surviving family and friends know that; the person I murdered had just saved countless lives. (So woah..suddenly the person's a hero...kinda like Jesus no?) Continuing on; this may sound cruel as hell, but so what if 30 people are sad? So what if 400 people are sad? Have you ever thought of the number of people that are affected by the diseases you will be curing. The sheer volume of deaths equates (exponentially) into the number affected and the pain felt.

    So again its the exact same as "murder is bad." You pick the lesser of two evls, by being the murderer of one person, and limiting the suffering to that one persons family/friends; instead of the suffering of easily over 1 million people.

    Sure it sounds great and happy to worry about tideouse things like an individuals feelings, and such, but in the grand scale of things the point of existance is to exist. The human race exists simply to continue existing. (Otherwise there would be no need what so ever, even in the animal kingdom, for procreation.) If we stop our existance then we're only defying the purpose we were put here. Think about it in a relgious point of view if you want. Whomever, or whatever created you, took the time and effort (or not whatever) to create you.

    Would they want you to simply die for th ehell of it, or would they rather you (and your brothers and sisters, and moms and dads etc...etc...etc...) to suvive. Creation is meant to continue, or else its a failed experiment, and we as human beings would become a failed experiment if I did not kill one human being.

    So as I've obcviously stated, I feel sorry for whomever it is, but that person would be dead in about...20 seconds. Not gonna say my one action stops the extinction of the planet from say...martians or even over population, any of those aspects are outside the realm of this question, and this debate.

  2. Whoh. This one's tough. I mean I'd like to SEE everyone be happy and all. But I could't choose anyone to sacrifice but me. But that would take away from all the miracles these people want to live and talk about. I mean, to take someone's life is harsh. Unless if its what that person wants. I bet many people would also give up their life to cure all of those disesases. All of the loved ones they love will be happy and all, but what about the family of the person who sacrificed their life? They surely wouldn't be happy.
  3. SuiGeneris

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    Yeah I mean; they would be sad, but I'm sure they'd be proud in the fact that they knew their son/daughter/cousin (whatever) had a hand in helping to save the world/human race.

    Atleast I know I'd be pretty darn proud if someone I knew saved the world. Again, it would be sad that; that person was dead, but it would just show how great of a person that person was.
  4. Sephiroth_Masamune

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    Like Gaara said, I would do it, but take my own life. I already live for someone else, and to be able to ensure her safety from disease and harmful things would make me happier in the next life. I can sadly say that I would not WANT to go, I am just so attached to my certain someone. I would do anything for her, and if she so wanted it, then so it would be. That's just how I am, I don't kow if she would agree, but, that's her.

    Anyone's life other than my own? I am sorry, I cannot choose between saving billions and sacraficing one. One is alot to me.
  5. Vegito728

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    Well it depends how you look at it. I would take somebody in pains life and put them out of there misery. But I am not trying to be mean. But that is the only way I would do it.
  6. Henskie

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    I would sacrifice myself for the sake of the world it would be good for everyone else and I am good with that. I would have an honorable way to die and thats all a person could want. If you knew that you could create a peaceful world by sacrificing yourself isnt that a worthy enough cause? well thats just my opinion..
  7. lilbballfrk

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    x2. very well written

    Please make sure and post why you agree with Gaara's opinion. MD encourages more than "x2. Very well written." Everyone's interested in seeing what you have to say, thats why this is here! So in the future, please try to explain why you agree with the quoted statement.

  8. merob

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    Juist kill someone already on death row.
    I wouldn't want to cure all disease and hunger in the world, even if i didn't have to make a sacrifice. Mainly for religious reasons - i'd rather not take the time to explain unless I was asked.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    It's difficult to say if I know this person and care for them a lot, then no I wouldn't do it, but I would think about doing it if I didnt know this person, but hard decision that would be.
  10. Kos4Evr

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    If it was a good person, I could not take their life away from them unless that was their request. If it was an evil man, then it would be a debt owed to to people he hurt.

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