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Would you swap your real friends for internet friends?


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If you had the opportunity to swap your real life friends for internet friends, would you do it?

I definitely would because my friends in real life are complete assholes who have no consideration for anyone around them, they are immature. I have met a lot of wonderful people on General Forum and some of you, I would love to have in my daily life.


Sally Twit
I wouldn't want to swap any of my friends but I would love to make it so that a big chunk of GF were available for me to see whenever I wanted.
I don't class the friends I have made online as Internet friends. They are still a part of my everyday life and I still care about them just as much I do a friend I can see on a regular basis.


Registered Member
I wouldn't even consider it. Ysabel is the only member I've met in real life (not counting people who were already friends who joined). Most of the people here I really don't know very well. Many of them seem like they would be awesome to get to know however.

But with my real life friends, they're all good people who I know well and get along wonderfully with. They're there for me, and are willing to help me.


Registered Member
It def depends on which real-life friends. :nod: There are a lot of people at this forum that would def get me to seriously consider it. But there are a few real-life friends I couldn't trade for anything cause of everything we've shared together.
I don't really have real life friends, but I'm working on getting some so i dunno how a trade would work. I definitely wish I could be closer to some of my "internet" friends as I know we could have fun together. Like I could get mommy advice from jeanie and ysabel and have lezbehonest experiences with bliss, hike with echoes and watch basketball games with BR, but maybe they would get sick of me if we were in real life together like all my real life friends eventually do.


Registered Member
I wouldn't do any friend swapping, but there are folks here that I would absolutely spend time with if it were at all possible! How grand it would be to actually get to see some of you face to face!


Creeping On You
I wouldn't swap. I like my "real life" friends just as much as my "online" friends. I don't really seperate them like that though. They're all just friends. Just some I only interact with over the internet is all. I'd really love to visit some of you guys some day, money permitting lol.


Registered Member
I wouldn't all-out swap everybody, but I might switch someone here (not sure quite who, though I have a couple of candidates...) for my best friend, who lives in New Hampshire and who I only ever get to 'see' on MSN. We've never met, but we've been talking for years and when I say 'best friend' I really mean it -- though I should qualify that by adding I'm the kind of person who'll have two or three ultraclose 'best' friends and then 'the rest'. Currently I'm on three: girlfriend is also one of my closest friends, a guy here who I can talk to about anything in the world, and my New Hampshire guy.


Where is my Queen?
Hell no. (Need more characters) Seriously I wouldn't. We all have the possiblity to meet our online friends, it's just the matter of 'Do you really want to?' Are you willing to travel to meet somebody that you met online? Are willing to dish out the dough? Has that person made an impact on your life? If you say no to one of those questions, then it's not worth the swap.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Interesting topic, Aleks. I love a lot of people here at GF, and like Bliss said, I would like to meet a lot of you guys, but my real friends are beyond awesome and I would not trade them for you guys, now don't take any offense to that, it's just me and my friends are a perfect match so to speak, and I love them to death.