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Would you stay at GF...


Sally Twit
if your favourite member(s) no longer posted?

I just wondered how many of you only post here regularly because of the people that post here. Or, do you keep coming back to post here because you enjoy debate, giving your opinions etc?

There are a couple of good friends I made here that no longer post. It made me sad when they left but I still keep posting here because I love the variety of topics. I also adore some of the members here but I know that if they left I would be able to contact them off the forum.


Son of Liberty
I've had a lot of good friends made here at GF. Some of them I never talk to anymore after they left and some I talk to more outside of GF than I do some of my face to face friends.

The core members who have been here since I joined, I love you guys and you really make the moments here worthwhile for me. If one or two left I could probably deal with it and stick around. But if more than a handful left I dunno if I would continue to stay interested.


Babeasaurus Sex
I think I would stick around but be less active. To be honest part of the fun in posting is having the banter with certain members here. I think even if someone I disliked left I'd be put out just because I'd have to build up the effort of disliking someone else :) :lol:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
There are people I miss posting on some sections. Without them, it makes those sections less interesting for me to read/post but it won't let me leave GF. I enjoy a variety of our members and they pretty much all have to leave or be gone (which I find not probable) to make me wanna leave GF and hang out elsewhere. Then there are newbies that also make up for some "losses"...cycle makes us stick maybe.


Registered Member
Are you kidding? It'd be fantastic if all the people I liked left! I'd be the Alpha-Male. I'd be all senior 'n stuff. In b4 u. All responsible and important like. That's the key to power and respect. I would wield the legendary Banhammer itself!

I'd be all smooth and say things like "Ah've been here so looooooong. I still remember the days when all the cool people were here. Those were the days you never had because you weren't here." :heh: Ohyeah!

:shake: But seriously, I'd probably actually be just as gone. It's a good thing I like a lot of people here.


Registered Member
It kinda depends. If a bunch of vets left at once, obviously the site would be a lot slower, so I wouldn't be as active. But there are a lot of people on here I enjoy interacting with. There would have to be some crazy mass exodus for me not to enjoy it here.


It's a bit of both.
I love this place here because there are some cool people I enjoy talking to and debating with, besides the fact that I like debating in general.

I don't know what I'd do if most of the members left. I don't think I would leave immediately though it'd depend who would stay. lol.


Well-Known Member
Whilst I would be upset they left, I have ways to talk to my favourite members outside of GF, so I wouldn't leave. There will always be new members to fill the gap. I may be less active though.


Supreme System Lord
I'm not particularly active anyway but there are a few members who I enjoy seeing around the forum and if they were to leave then I would probably become even less active.

It's the good members that make a good forum.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I would still post here at GF, obviously I would be mad that they left because I know how big their contributions are to the forums, but I would just try to recruit some more members and hope for the best.

I like a lot of people at GF, so it would definitely impact me somewhat if all of them left.