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Would you screw over a friend?


aka ginger warlock
Imagine you go for a job interview, you are ready, you have prepared yourself to answer any questions, you are suited and booted and your CV is at its best, you walk in to the waiting room and sitting there is someone you know, of course you say "good luck" and "if anyone deserves this job it's you", it's what you do in that situation but in the back of your mind I would be thinking and I am sure others would be thinking 'I want this job and you are gonna have to prise it out of my hands!'.

So you have an opportunity, you know something about your friend, something that won't out-rightly that they could pin point back to you but you know something that could not only give you an edge but could put that person at a disadvantage, would you take it? Would you do anything you could to not only make sure you got it but more crucially to make sure the person you know doesn't? Is it wrong? Your friend could possibly do the same to you so why not?
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It would be stupid to do. If you do it, you're not truly their friend. It's as simple as that.


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I think it would be a better idea to focus on making my interview a good one on my own terms, rather than trying to ruin their chances. It's not hard to understand why someone would do it though. It's tough to get a job sometimes and people will do just about anything in some cases. I said the word some a lot.


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I wouldn't ruin their chances, no. I think that would be a pretty low thing to do, if they do it to me, then be it. I know that I am going to walk out of there a better person.


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I would absolutely NOT ever divulge a bad trait about my friend if competing for a job. I'll get it on my own merits or not at all.


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If someone is screwing you over or you are screwing them over they really aren't your friend.

I wouldn't say anything as long as they weren't trying to stab me in the back.


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I would absolutely NOT ever divulge a bad trait about my friend if competing for a job. I'll get it on my own merits or not at all.

I don't deserve the job if I can't convince them I am the candidate they want without putting someone else down.


How good of a job? How good of a friend? Haha. Nah, I doubt I would do this. It's easier to find a new job than it is to find a new friend. Well, usually.