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Would you rather...

Would you rather be...

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Well-Known Member
You're casually minding your business and a shady fellow in a suit comes up to you and...fuck it, i'm not HES i'm not gonna be able to set the scene for a thread like this :lol:

So if you had the choice to be a famous actor, successful musician or professional athlete, which would you rather be?

Obviously, i'm gonna go with successful musician as i'm a slight music nut. I wouldn't turn my nose up at being an actor either, but an athlete definitely isn't for me.


I really don't want any of the options you chose at all. None of them appeal to me even the slightest.


Lion Rampant
Musician! I like the night life. I love to boogie. For me, that would probably be the least stressful job of the three.


Well-Known Member
Thinking about it, I should have thrown successful artist and writer into the mix, but those 3 seem to be the big 3 when it comes to being rich and famous.


Sally Twit
Sorry to disappoint, but I'm going with the 'boring fuck' option. You know how desperate I am to become a counsellor.

If that wasn't an option, I would have gone with actress because I just think it would be a lot of fun. There are so many actors out there that I would do anything to meet and that would be the way to do it.


My actual dream job would be a computer animator at a successful company like Pixar. After that pretty much anything else to do with movies. You should have put famous film director as one. For me I would want to work in films but I want to do anything but acting. I would pretty much do any role at all at the movies except for act.


Definitely a musician! I can sing and with a bit of more practice I'm sure I could become a great singer!
I love singing and maybe I could also make/create music. I think my life would be more interesting if I were a musician.


yellow 4!
Not an athlete, I hate playing sports and the diet would be way too restrictive.

I'd get stage fright so couldn't be an actor. Too stressful.

I guess I would pick musician, in a perfect world where I have enough skill for it. But actually I think I'd prefer a regular job, as long as it's something I love doing. So I'm gonna be boring.


Creeping On You
I chose musician because I love music, but being an actor would be fun too, I'm sure I could do it well.


Registered Member
Probably athlete, but I dunno. Are we talking about me being one of those guys who's not that good of a pro and only makes league minimum salary? Or someone who's a star and makes $10 million + a year? Do I get to choose the sport, or am I good at some sport I might not even like that much?