Would you rather see a great promo or a great wrestling match?


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A great promo and a great wrestling match are what creates a perfect brand of wrestling, but if you had to chose one I was wondering what you'd pick? A good wrestler cutting an amazing or two wrestlers performing a perfect wrestling match?? Please explain


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For sure the match. Obviously the promo leads up to the match, but what happens in the ring is what makes it all happen. Since the whole PG-era, it's kind of hard to have great matches that I'm use to, which is a big reason I don't watch wrestling too much anymore.

Was I excited back for the Kurt Angle/Shane McMahon promo back in the day for King of the Ring? No. Was it one of the greatest matches I ever seen, hell yes.


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I say a great match, a promo is good in all but it doesn't hold my attention and I typically just change the channel during the promo if it get's too long. A good match on the other hand doesn't feel long, it feels too short and I always want ore out of it.


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No matter how good a promo is, it's never going to excite me as much as a good match. I can't understand why anyone would watch wrestling more for the promos than the matches.


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I was all about the promos during the Attitude Era, man did I get goosebumps when The Rocks music would hit haha...we all knew it was going to be pure entertainment when he made his entrance...

but yeah overall, yeah a good match I guess. It depends though, alot of matches these days are a hit and miss, I usually change the channel if the matches are too boring, as opposed to an awesome promo.


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Good match for sure. A good promo sets up a good match..
Its all about the matches IMO


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I'm with the concensus that I'd much rather see a good match.

BUT, sometimes a promo can outshine any matches for the night on wrestling programming, and I'm fine with that. Nothing wrong with variety.


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Yeah, there are some cases where the Promo could be better than the match in my opinion....

I dunno, I go sleep during the matches sometimes, or end up changing the channel.

You'd really have to be into a match to enjoy it, because if you're not, it obviously gets boring.