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Discuss Would You Rather: Explain sex or violence to your kid?


Problematic Shitlord
Say your innocent child saw two graphic images. One of a sexual act (let's consider it a 'standard' act, no Japanese schoolgirl bondage or anything) and one of one person killing another.

What do you think would be easier to explain? Which would worry you more? Why?


Free Spirit
Staff member
To me the killing would worry me more. Its a violent act, often bloody, that could leave a small child traumatized. I don't think seeing porn is great but at least sex is a natural act where no one was hurt. Unless its something crazy like you mentioned.

I wouldn't run from either topic. As a parent you owe it to your kids to be truthful to them when they experience something like this. Of course consider their age when you talk to them.

I'm not sure which would be easier to explain.


Registered Member
I don't have children, but I feel like the picture of a sex act would be much easier to explain. Sex is normal and healthy, and I hope to be able to ensure lots of open dialogue about sex with my future children.

The violent picture would worry me so much more.


Registered Member
I think that explaining a sexual act would be the easier of the two, it is a natural act and also something that children will be about in sex education anyway.

Im not saying that it would be easy, as the whole thing would need to be explained with a lot of tact and most likely a lot of eewww from said child.

I think that the violent act would be harder to explain, to get a child to understand that some times terrible acts of violence can be done to another person without any real reasoning behind the act would be a challenge, because as parents you teach your children the fundamental ideas of right and wrong.

I would not shy away from either subject but I really do think the act of violence would be harder to explain.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Sex in general was easier to explain to my children than violence. When I say in general, it means considering the sex taboo in the society I'm still bashful when the sex discussion has to do with me or what I do. I mean I'd rather explain and talk about current events than what was the noise in my bedroom last night. Haha


Well, sex is something that in proper context can be beautiful, so I think I'd much rather discuss that with Junior than why some folks don't seem to value the lives of others. If I had to discuss the latter, it would be in terms of there being a sickness of the mind that makes some people turn bad, and sometimes other people have to kill them to stop them from killing others. I'd prefer Junior enjoy some period of relative innocence before learning just how screwed up his world is.

- Cham


Registered Member
If it's by decision, violence, but if it's by the situation outlined in the original post, sex.

It's easy to sit down and explain violence if you get to introduce it and NOT start with something extreme. That's probably going to be easier than fastforwarding many years in maturity level and explaining something that is a complete and total grey area like sex. You can pretty much dictate how your kid is supposed to feel about violence, but at the end of the day, their sexual choices are their own, and you can only "hope" that they have the same high standards or can live with themselves and the lifelong results of whatever lower standards they settle with with sex.