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Would you rather be tased or maced?

Which would you rather happen to you?

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This came up in a discussion I had earlier today and the answers were shockingly conflicting that's when I thought to bring it here.

So say that you were in some sort of a situation (,purely hypothetical of course,) where you were given the option to be tased or maced... which would you choose?

And I'll just assume that everyone knows how pepper spray works.

Would you rather be tased or maced?

I understand that they're both terrible options.

As much as it would hurt I would choose mace because I just have a serious problem thinking about electricity coursing through my body.

Both of them would hurt unimaginably (from what people I know tell me)


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Yeah, i'd rather be tased. Seems like it would be a shorter amount of pain, rather than being maced would take longer to clear.


Registered Member
I have gone with tasered as well, neither of the choices are very nice and both would hurt like hell.
I went with taser as I have some experience with pepper spray, a few years back I got involved in a scuffle while working at a club, the police turned up and the guy was sprayed.
I got a tiny amount hit the left side of my face and it was damn nasty, the guy they hit directly was screaming like a baby.

The irratation lasted for a few hours from that.

I have ha some pretty nasty shocks at work, nothing on the level of a taser but fairly high, and I think the recovery time would be less.


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I definitely choose taser. Spray can cause a lot of complications, damage and even death... The lasting time is also longer.


Tased, I have REALLY sensitive eyes, any substance near the eyes freaks me out. I would rather have all my muscles contract than have to deal with anything going near my eyes.


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Oh shit, can I choose drowning? But, I would go with tased as well, if I had to choose.


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I have to agree that with my heart issues I'd have to go with mase. Plus if you've ever had to go through a gas chambers it kinda gives you a little preparation pepper spray so I think I would atleast be familiar with it.


Registered Member
I've been shocked before when I accidentally touched a wall plug. It wasn't that nasty, just scary, so I go with tased. NOT cause I like getting shocked! :lol: But I def don't wanna be blind for almost half an hour or have my skin burning (scarier)!