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Would you rather be hated or forgotten?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It could easily be argued that a narcissist would rather be known for being hated then not known at all. I'm not sure that I don't also feel that way. I've always wanted to be remembered forever and if I had to be infamous to do it I may not have a problem with it. I wouldn't want to be a Hitler type character but if I was hated like George Bush and remembered it wouldn't be so bad.


I would never want to be forgotten. There's nothing worse than indifference and the forgetfulness of your existence.
So I'd rather be hated (and I agree with you - not the way Hitler was hated) but at least I am remembered about something, whether good or bad.


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It reminds me of the Futurama episode, A Pharaoh to Remember. Bender had no problem being hated, as long as he was remembered.

I would rather be remembered and hated than not remembered at all, but I would certainly never go out of my way to do anything that might harm others just to be remembered. While I want to be remembered, I'd like to earn it the right way, and if I can't make that happen then I will have to be ok with being forgotten.
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It depends who was hating me. Everyone is loved by some and hated by others. If I ever did anything in my life that was huge or of any great importance, you can guarantee that there would be people who hated me for it and others who loved me for it. Hitler was hated by many, but loved by others. So for me it really depends on the circumstances.


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As Crouton said, it depends on who will be hating me. I would prefer to be hated by a group of people rather than the whole world.


Sally Twit
I don't want to be hated by anyone. However, if it was a case of being hated by some and loved by others, that'd be different. I will only choose to be hated if it means my family still loved me.
Obviously being forgotten would suck, but again I only care about being remembered by the people closest to me.


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I'd rather be hated than forgotten, and I've been able to re-enact it in my own unique way for the sake of seeing how I would feel about it, using the Internet as grounds for my own personal little experiment.


I think it is pretty funny, simply because I will let go of most things with no trouble, and when others won't do the same when I've basically lost the ability to care, it gives me a few giggles.

There are people out there who won't let the memory of me die and like more than six months have gone by. It's just so odd to see a grudge being held against something that doesn't even matter anymore, and probably never did matter, I was simply made into a martyr because they treated me like one, and hated me for for their actions.


I'd certainly rather leave a mark though than be forgotten, even if that mark is a scar on history, it would be something that many people in the future might learn about and learn not to do, and I'm one of those people that will do what it takes to get a point across, so doing so would be no problem to me, if it is only for the enhancement of multiple peoples.


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I guess I'll take being hated rather than be forgotten. I wouldn't want to be hated for a mass murder or something like that, which I see Hitler and Stalin as. Maybe hated because I was super rich or a CEO now that would be just fine.


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I would rather be forgotten. Why do I care if someone remembers me or not? I'll be dead. I won't even know.


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I'd actually rather be forgotten than hated. I'd rather them like me for who I am than hate me and know me.