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Would You Rather #6


Registered Member
Would you rather......

Have a ketchup-dispensing navel??
A pencil-sharpening nostril??


still nobody's bitch

a pencil sharpening nostril, are you kidding me? ketchup is beurky anyway


rainbow 11!
The latter as opposed to the aforementioned, thank you.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
The nostril, definitely...I hate ketchup, and getting up and walking several feet to sharpen a pencil is just so taxing, lol


Registered Member

Is the pencil-sharpening nostril an automatic sharpener or is this a manual twist operation? Is the ketchup produced by my own body's nutrient-intake just like mother's milk? Or could it be a synthesis formed by my body absorbing sunlight and reacting with water?

I'm going to have to choose the ketchup-dispensing naval, and not that cheap high-fructose corn syrup and modified sugar shit but the good stuff. I probably wouldn't eat it a lot, but I could find exponentially more uses for the ketchup than the pencil-sharpener, which is designed around only one function and one utensil.
I could do performance art and body paint with the naval ketchup (literal body paint!) I could use it to draw giant "help" letters for airplanes if I were ever lost or stranded somewhere. If it was a reserve pouch that produced the ketchup, I could use the calories to keep me alive in survival situations. The possibilities are endless! :lol: