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Would You Rather #5


Registered Member
Would you rather:

Notice live maggots in your Milky Way after you've eaten two big bites?
Find a few pubic hairs at the bottom of your Caesar salad?


Creeping On You
I would rather find the hair, than find the maggots. Ever since finding my favourite cat, dead behind the garage, covered in maggots, I have like maggot phobia. I get right creeped out.


Well-Known Member
Conversation with house mate about this question went down like this: Well, lets be honest, everyone's had a pube in their mouth at some point, so i'll go with that option. I kinda have to agree with him
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Registered Member
Gotta agree with 'nick and Imp on this one--I'll take pubes over maggots any day.

In fact, I got a few short and curlies in my mouth right now ;)
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Son of Liberty
Pubes all day.

Theres just something about eating a live insect that does in fact creep me out.


It's not me, it's you.
Pubes. I can pretend it's shredded wheat.