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Would You Rather #2


Registered Member
Remember when Hybrix started a Would You Rather thing? And he said from time to time he was going to ask these random 'would you rather' questions? Well, I know he is busy and it just so happens, I have 2 complete books on the Would You Rather stuff. Granted, some of the questions are silly, a bit crazy, a bit gross, but it's all in great fun. I asked Hybrix if he minded if I took over and he told me to go for it! So I'll ask one or two questions per week.
Anyway, let's get started :)
And since Hybrix already asked one question, I'm going to start with a #2.

Would You Rather:
Have sex in front of your parents?
Have sex in front of twenty thousand-plus screaming professional wrestling fans?


Creeping On You
Sex in front of my mom and stepdad. Give em a taste of their own medicine.


Where is my Queen?
I can't have sex in front of my parents, if I just take one look at them, it's game over. I would have sex in the middle of the ring in front of 20,000 horny fans.


I ♥ Haters
As a wrestling fan, I say yes to the wrestling ring in front of 20,000 wrestling fans. It'll be awkward at first, but people will forget about after a while.


aka ginger warlock
I would also say Wrestling Ring, that will be forgotten, infront of your parents? I can't see that ever being forgotten!


I think it's pretty embarrassing to show PDA in front of the parents, let alone have sex.
So I'd rather do it in front of unknown people.
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