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Would You Pose Nude??

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They say nudity is a form of art.
How well do you consider your body to be art??
Would you consider posing nude for an artist for a large amount of money??
Or would you do it for free??
I guess it all would depend how we feel about our bodies~


Registered Member
I'd do it for money. No one is seeing this body for free.


It would depend on the purpose to pose nude, it would depend on the artist and what type of nudity I had to pose for.
That said, I wouldn't pose for any magazine like Playboy or any other similar to that but I might consider posing for any artist whose intention was to show the beauty of the female body.


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No way! I dont think there's anything wrong with nude but i def wouldn't do it so somebody could get pix! Well, unless they paid me a billion dollars. Then I might.


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I've got friends who are artists, so I'd say (a) if it were for art itself through someone I knew (b) if I could remain relatively anonymous for professional reasons, then I'd be good with it.

The "for money" thought? I have no idea, and it'll never happen haha.
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