Would you pose nude for an artist?


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Would you pose nude for an artist? What if they were going to draw your face in a way that wasn't recognizable as you? Would it depend on whether or not you knew the artist and what their gender was?

I would definitely not do this. I also highly doubt the opportunity will present itself so I'm not too worried about ever having to make that decision for real. :lol:


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one of the fondest memories I had in high school art classes was acting as the "poser" (as the instructor called it :hah: ). Its really interesting to see how you see your own self and your body and then see how other people see it.

Now obviously because this was only high school....we didnt do nude modeling. However, I would say that I wouldnt be ashamed or embarrassed to do it if I were asked to. Fact of the matter is.... the artists are just as nervous as you are, so its just one of those things where you might as well lighten up and enjoy life.
No, definitely not. I would be far too self-conscious to do this, even if they were paying a lot of money and I wouldn't be recognizable.

I would definitely be more comfortable doing it for a female artist, rather than a male. I know you didn't ask, but nyeah.
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Ess Tii Eph Yu
I had no problem whatsoever posing nude. Since my natural state of being at home is nekkid I've become use to the idea of people seeing me that way. I'm not always the most conscious when it comes to closing my blinds so I'm positive the neighbors have caught some skin.


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Definitely would. I don't like the shape of my body, but I don't hate it either. Surely an artist can make me more confident by shading in any bad areas. Ch-yeah.

It wouldn't bother me if the artist was a male. I'd feel a little uneasy, but it will be bearable. If the artist was female, I'd be embarrassed if I got turned on.


i don't think i'd have a problem with that. [either the nude posing or the unrecognizable face drawn face].
it would really depend on the artist though..and if i felt comfortable around him, i would pose in that way.


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I think it would be a hard thing to overcome, but I am going to say yes. If you did do it would be one thing that you can say that you've done. I would rather do it for someone I didn't know and I wouldn't mind if it was a man or a woman who was painting. Once you get your clothes off it's old news, plus I would like to think that the person doing the painting is looking at you from a serious artistic point of view, rather than in any other view.


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Think i'm pretty much at what nixola said. I have to many things i regret that i didnt do. So if the opportunity comes i think i whoulda say like "hmm..nja.. yeah sure" or something like that..


Sally Twit
No I wouldn't do it. I'm not comfortable enough to do something like that. I wouldn't want anyone to see me starkers other than my boyfriend. It wouldn't matter if they were a stranger.