Would you play Salt Roulette?

Would you play Salt Roulette?

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Would you play Salt Roulette?

Haha, kind of like my thread on Russian Roulette but nobody dies.

Here's how salt roulette works. It can be played with any number of people but 4-6 is probably typical. It is played at a sit down restaurant with the salt and sugar packets. You rip the top off of one sugar pack per player. Then you replace the sugar in one pack with salt. You then shuffle them around under the table or wherever and pass them out. On the count of 3 everybody downs their pack shot style, all in one motion. 3 people will get a mouth full of sugar while one person will be choking, gagging, etc with a mouth full of salt. :lol:

Would you play? I've played a few times but have only gotten the salt once. The one thing I learned when I got the salt was to never breath as you tip your head back to dump your packet. I breathed in a packet full of salt once and literally was choking so badly I couldn't breath. Big mistake. Talk about making a scene lol.

So, who here would play this? Who has played this before?

You can take the same concept and do it will all sorts of foods. i.e. Carve out the center of the inside of an Oreo and put mustard in there. Then mix it up with a few others and everybody eats one. You can mix it up but it's fun no matter what.