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Would You Peek??


Registered Member
Say you and your significant other are staying in a prety nice motel room for the night~
Somewhere along the way, you discover a 'peep hole'.....obviously put there by someone who occupied the room before you.....it was in perfect position to watch the couple in the next room, do all kinds of sexual acts.
Question....do you keep peeping??
Do you cover up the hole and stay the hell away??
Or do you call the front desk to report it??


Sally Twit
I'd look through the hole first to check that it did actually lead to the next room and then I'd report it. Sure it might be fun to spy on another couple but I wouldn't want anyone to spy on me.


The Hierophant
I'd be like Bliss and make sure that it's really only just a peep hole into the next room and not a glory hole into the next room.

But, after watching them for a little bit, I'd eventually just get bored and start getting it on with whomever I took to said sleezy motel. I highly doubt that I'd report it to anyone other than my friends.


Babeasaurus Sex
No I wouldn't peek I'd infact have to switch rooms because I'd be too freaked out.

Not because I'm prudish or anything I just would be like wtaf...

Also how would my SO feel if we went away for naughty time and I spent the whole time staring at another couple???

Nah not for me.



Registered Member
If there was a naked feamle then sure I would continue to peep.

I may even utilise the hole lol


Registered Member
I'm going to do like Kibi and switch rooms. That would kind of freak me out, people looking up through that hole while me and my woman were in the midst of things. o_O


Registered Member
lol, first I would show my significant other, laugh about it, then report it in the morning.


Registered Member
lol, first I would show my significant other, laugh about it, then report it in the morning.
Let me be real, I'm probably going to do some shit like that too but, I'm still switching rooms before we go to sleep. Better not be no goddamn hole in the wall in the next room either. Fuck outta here...lol*smh*


I would most likely investigate the hole to see if it was actually a 'peep hole' and not just a really shitty drywall job. If it was indeed a 'peep hole' then I would probably just cover it up and then give the room a good once-over to see if there were any other attempts at invading our privacy. If no, then I would just stay in the room and report it when we checked out. If there were other issues, I would go report it and demand a new room.


Supreme System Lord
Depends who was in the room next to us, if it was two pensioners then I'd get freaked out and would report it and demand a room change.

However, if it was involving a hottie female then I'd have a little look for sure, I'm not going to lie, I'm a red blooded male.

You never know, I might learn something new.

Eventually though I'd get bored and just get some sleep.
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