Would you pay to get Rick Rolled in concert?

Would you go to a Rick Astley concert for $20?

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If Rick Astley was doing tours again, "The Rick Roll Tour" perhaps, would you pay to go and see him perform live?

And of course plenty of live Rick Rolling included at no extra charge.

Let's say it was $20 a ticket.

I'd go. For sure. It would be epic.

Oh man:

YouTube - Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Live) 1988

And no concert would be complete without the softer less pop version:

YouTube - Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Live 2005)

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I think that I'd do it, yeah it'd be awesome to get rick rolled live.

That second video was terrible though, I'd hate getting acoustically rick rolled.


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What would you do if you paid $160.00 for front row seats to your favorite band, only to have Rick Astley come out and play Never Gonna Give You Up. Once. And nothing else.


Stabby said:
Yeah, getting rick rolled would be more like going to a [insert your favorite band here] concert where Rick Astley is opening, but nobody told you.
Goddammit, I was beaten by seconds!! :sick:
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