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Movies Would you like to see Batman vs Superman?


Sultan of Swat
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I got this from 411Mania.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph

Zack Snyder dropped an interesting tidbit in regards to a potential crossover between his Superman reboot and Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise.

When asked by the interviewer about working with Nolan, who is serving as the producer of Superman, and whether there was any conflict of interest or Batman vs. Superman vibe, Snyder said, "He is a generous and amazing talent and as a producer super-supportive even in just the few weeks we've been talking about it." This is kicking up new speculation that one character might make a cameo appearance in the other's film. Snyder also said he had "no idea" about the rumored $175 million budget and acknowledged the reboot aspect, "in the sense that it doesn't really owe anything to what's happened before cinematically."

So, I thought I would toss this out here as a way of throwing some salt preemptively out before the rumor mills start to fly. This is essentially amounting to a misinterpretation of Snyder's, where he talks about how Nolan has been supportive in the few weeks they've been talking about the Superman film. The key phrase here is the question asked, where the interviewer asks if there is a conflict of interest in Batman vs. Superman; what is clearly meant if you read the interview itself is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek question about whether Nolan feels more loyal to Batman than to Superman. Regardless, this will probably bring up a ton of speculation and that'll be entertaining, just don't get your hopes up. This flies in the face of everything that any established source has said about the possibility of any type of crossover and while it's always possible that they changed their minds, I'm going to need to see more than a very vague quote that could be misconstrued before I'll buy that a crossover is in the works. And honestly I wouldn't want to see it. Any crossover film featuring both characters is bound to suffer by cutting the screen time of one of them, probably Batman if the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]comics[/COLOR][/COLOR] and the animated films are any indication. Let them have their own franchises, for now at least. That's all we need.
What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a crossover between Batman and Superman?

I personally wouldn't mind it, depending how they decide to do it. I believe it could be very interesting and entertaining. I have no clue how they would pull it off, but if they do it right it could work.
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I'd be strongly against it. I'm not a Superman fan. I find that character terribly boring and I'd rather he stay away from the Batman series.


Where is my Queen?
I would love to see a crossover, but I really don't see it happening. I think it could potentially ruin the Batman series if this does happen. Now maybe after they end the Batman series, then yes I wouldn't mind seeing a Batman vs Superman movie, but right now no.


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I saw their cartoon movie a while back. It was on the iTunes store, Superman Batman Apocalypse. They did look good working side by side. Against each other will be a dud. But you can make them fight against each other on the PS3, there this fighting game MK Vs Justice League, Mortal Kombat fighters Vs Justice League heroes. Its pretty cool, the characters are all there, Justice League characters and Mortal Kombat fighters.


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Am I in favor of seeing Batman against Superman? Only if it's for a short segment. Am I in favor of seeing a World's Finest film? Heck yeah!

When it's handled correctly, Batman/Superman is one of the best teamups in comics. They bring such different perspectives and abilities, but can work together seamlessly.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Batman vs Superman? Really? No, simply because I think we all know where that'd go.



A Darker Knight
As much as I love Batman, he wouldn't stand a chance against Superman. They'd have to seriously pull off some BS for Batman to win.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Some of you are probably already aware of this but after the failure of Batman and Robin, Warner Bros had a few bat projects lined up and one was Batman Vs Superman.
wikipedia said:
Batman vs. Superman

Warner Bros. abandoned J. J. Abrams' script for Superman: Flyby, which had been greenlighted with McG to direct.[55][56] When McG dropped out in favor of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,[57] Warner Bros. approached Wolfgang Petersen to direct Superman: Flyby,[58] however, in August 2001,[59] Andrew Kevin Walker pitched Warner Bros. an idea titled Batman vs Superman, attaching Petersen as director. Superman: Flyby was put on hold,[58] and Akiva Goldsman was hired to rewrite Walker's Batman vs. Superman.[44]

Goldsman's draft, dated June 21, 2002, had Bruce Wayne going through a mental breakdown after his five year retirement of crime fighting. Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon are all dead, but Bruce's depressed emotions become resolved with fiancée Elizabeth Miller. Meanwhile, Clark Kent is struggling by a recent divorce with Lois Lane. Clark and Bruce are close friends, and Clark is Bruce's best man. After the Joker kills Elizabeth at the honeymoon, Bruce plots a revenge scheme, while Clark tries to hold him back. In return, Bruce blames Clark for her death, and the two go against one another. Part of the script took place in Smallville, where Clark goes into exile with Lana Lang. However, Lex Luthor is held to be responsible for the entire plot of Batman and Superman destroying each other. The two decide to team up and stop Luthor.[60]

Christian Bale and Josh Hartnett had turned down the roles of Batman and Superman. Bale, who was also approached to play Batman in the unmade Batman: Year One, would eventually portray the same role in Batman Begins.[57][61] Principal photography was to start in early-2003, with plans for a five–six month shoot. The release date was set for mid-2004.[62] Within a month of Warner Bros. greenlighting Batman vs. Superman, Petersen left in favor of Troy (2004).[44] Warner Bros. decided to move forward on Superman: Flyby and on a Batman reboot.[44] Petersen and Bryan Singer are interested in directing the project sometime in the future, with Bale as Batman.[63][64]
Theres a whole section on that page dedicated to what could have been for the caped crusaders which is quite interesting.

I definitely wouldn't want to see a crossover. Nolans gotham just feels to real to have a super being flying around it's skies.


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Yeah, I definitely wouldn't see it. I don't think Josh Harnett would've been a good Superman anyways. I was so use to seeing Dean Cain as Superman because of "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures" or Tom Welling because of "Smallville".

Also, I loved the Batman and Robin movie with George Clooney and Chris O'Donnel so how dare you call that a failure! Haha.


Haters gonna hate.
No. They are both great on their own. To see them fight would be unfair to the fans, because it wouldn't make sense in the context of the potential films.