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Would you like to John Cena join The Corre?


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It's quite obvious that during the Rumble this sunday The Corre, New Nexus and John Cena will somehow be linked during the match. Depending on the pop they'll get when it happens it will probably lead to feuding all the way till wrestlenmania. The Corre needs a high profile star to compete with CM Punk, and The New Nexus seems to be obsessed with Beating Cena up right now. Wade Barrett as apologized to Cena and would like to make friends someday. I know The Corre is on Smackdown, but if they feud they'll have the right to go on each others show. It wouldn't necessarily turn Cena into a heel because I don't believe that's what The Corre is all about. Lastly it would change Cena's character for the best.



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Welcome back, Bosh!

While it would be interesting to have John Cena legitimately a part of a faction, I don't see this happening. I think the WWE is only interested in him going on his own. Plus, I don't think that Barrett is that genuine about making amends with Cena; what he said on Raw was probably more of a ploy for Cena's referee status later that night. If Cena joined the Corre, it would overshadow other members that need the bigger spotlight on them. It would be fun to see, and I'd love it if it happened, I just think it's extremely unlikely.


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For Cena to join the Corre, he would need to be more heavily involved on SD, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Personally, I really think that having four members of Corre is enough. It's hard to tell, though. Maybe they need another established wrestler to join them, but if one does, the New Nexus will look pitiful compared to the better talent of the Corre.


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I could possibly see Cena aligning himself with the Core but not actually joining. Like what Unity said that would overshadow the talent in within the Corre and I don't see that happening. With Cena aliging himself with The Corre, Cena can stay on Raw and The Corre can shine on Smackdown. I don't see a heel turn either if this happens. Cena can still be face while he is aligned.


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They had their chance with Cena and it didn't happen. I don't see why it would happen this time to be honest.

I think that if they are going to turn Cena that there are better ways to do it.