Would you like some soap for that stink?


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I work with this girl that smells REALLY bad. It's not like your normal body odour - it's much worse. Every single day when she comes in to work she smells the same. Everyone notices it. People even avoid coming over to our team at work when she's around because of it.
I spoke to my manager about it and she said she's spoken to her about it a couple of times. She said the only thing left to do is sack her but she doesn't think she can do that.

Do you think it'd be fair to sack someone for this if they hadn't done anything about it? I'm not exaggerating by the way. It's very unpleasant.
Do you think it'd be fair to sack someone for this if they hadn't done anything about it? I'm not exaggerating by the way. It's very unpleasant.
If it really is so unpleasant that it's distracting people from working and slowing down production (like where you've said people avoid your team when she's around) then it's definately a problem that needs to be addressed in a more formal manner. I know you said your manager has spoken to her about it but I think she needs to formally warn her. I don't think it's unfair to take action against someone if they refuse to change something that's distrupting the flow of the company (hell, all it would take is some deodorant, it's hardly asking much) unless she has some kind of medical condition, but surely she would have told your manager about it if that was the case?
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I think if you're given warnings, like this girl has, then the employer has every right to sack her. She's causing other workers distress and if her personal hygeine is effecting others around her then it's just as distruptive as anything else.

It's a problem that's easily resolved if the employee takes advice as uses some deodorant/showers. It must be very unpleasant and if others continue to complain then the boss must take appropriate action to the benefit of the office as a whole.

I wish you good luck, must be uncomfortable for you!!


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Yeah you can sack someone for smelling bad, you have to go through all the motions first though. Verbal warning, disciplinary hearing etc... but if she continues to stink you're(HR) entitled to sack them.


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I used to work with someone like that. It was really foul. This was over five years ago and I can still remember how she smelled. I don't think it's unfair to dismiss someone because of an issue that interferes with productivity and morale


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I agree with all the replies so far saying it would be alright.

I just want to comment though how hard it must be for the manager to tell someone they smell that bad. It must be embarrassing for both of them. I would also feel less comfortable going to work if I were the stinky person, especially if I think I'm hygienic but I just give off naturally bad scent. Of course I can also be simply lazy or don't care if others can't take my smell (maybe even justifying it with "so what, I can't take your perfume either"). Either way, how will I explain it to my next employer? I got fired because I literally stank. :hah:


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I think after going through the motions (formal warnings etc) the manager has every right to sack her. Unless she has some sort of medical condition and she's actually unable to cover up the smell, then the manager could run into some problems.

I can't imagine what being fired because you smell bad would do for your self esteem though :p


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I can't believe she didn't do something about it even after the manager telling her that she stinks. Haha, that makes me laugh. How embarrassing. I think the manager has every right to fire her if she can't get rid of the stankyness.
When I worked for Dollar General we had some customers who had such a stench we would Lysol the entire store after they left.

Hell I would always hide in the stockroom or the break room till after they left.